Affordable housing strategy

Emergency housing during coronavirus (COVID-19)

See information about emergency housing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019/20

Affordable housing

The lack of supply of affordable housing is continuing to negatively impact  Merri-bek’s  diverse community. Recent research identifies a need for at least 7,000 new affordable homes by 2036.

The Affordable Housing Action Plan (AHAP) is the successor to the Merri-bek Affordable Housing Strategy 2014-2018 and responds to a changed and significantly more engaged policy environment at state level. The AHAP was endorsed by Council at its 11 September 2019 meeting.

The objective of the AHAP is to increase the provision of affordable housing in Merri-bek through policy, advocacy, applied skills and investment. The AHAP defines four areas of activity where Council can be most effective in increasing the supply of affordable housing and sets out actions for 2019/2020 under each area. On 9 September 2020 an annual report was presented to Council. In early 2021 Council will consider a review of the AHAP and proposed new and renewed actions under each of the Focus Areas.

Further Information: or (03) 9240 1111

Affordable Housing in Planning Permit Applications and Planning Scheme Amendments

Moreland City Council is committed to increasing the amount of affordable housing in the municipality. Council is working with landowners and developers to secure affordable housing as part of planning permit or rezoning proposals.

When a permit is issued, or land is rezoned, there is an uplift in the value of that land. Recognising the significant demand for Affordable Housing in Merri-bek and reflecting the new objective in the Planning and Environment Act, we are seeking to share some of that uplift with the community through the provision of Affordable Housing.

To guide planning permit applicants and planning scheme amendment proponents, an Affordable Housing Fact Sheet (PDF 285Kb) has been developed.

Affordable Housing Advisory Service Pilot Program June 2019

The Affordable Housing Advisory Service Pilot Program engaged a consultant to provide advice on affordable housing matters in planning permit and planning scheme amendment processes.

The service is modelled on and operates in the same way as the long running Heritage Advisory Service, operating in most municipalities in Victoria.

The Affordable Housing Advisory Service is a very successful pilot program and there are considerable learnings.

A Home in Merri-bek

A Home in Merri-bek provides research about unmet housing need and housing affordability in Merri-bek. This evidence is used to inform Council's housing decisions and advocacy.

Supplying Homes in Merri-bek

Supplying Homes in Merri-bek provides research about past and future supply of housing in Merri-bek. It presents a toolkit of options to ensure housing supply, including affordable housing supply, is able to meet forecast demand. This evidence is used to inform Council's housing decisions and advocacy.

Moreland Affordable Housing Ltd

Moreland City Council has established Merri-bek Affordable Housing Ltd (MAH), which is a charitable entity to support Council's commitment to increase the provision of affordable housing in the municipality. 

See Moreland Affordable Housing Ltd (MAH) for further details.

Responding to Homelessness

The homeless rate in Merri-bek was 94 persons per 10,000 of the population in 2016. This rate is well above the metropolitan average of 88. 

Direct responsibility for responses to homelessness is through services funded by the Victorian government. For more information see Emergency Housing.

Council is engaged in ongoing advocacy to address the large and growing need for safe and secure housing for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Council has also supported a number of projects and initiatives relating to homelessness in Merri-bek: