Property information

Council has many kinds of property information, which can be useful if you are buying or renovating a property or building in Merri-bek.

Other government and private websites let you search and apply for certificates about property zones, utilities, land titles and maps.

Land use zones and overlays

Visit Moreland Planning Scheme Online to get a free property report with the zones and overlays of a property.

Zones and overlays show how your land can be used and developed. Every property is zoned. A property only has one zone. A zone shows the preferred land uses in an area. The main types of zones are residential, business and industrial. Some properties also have overlay controls. Overlay controls protect things like heritage or show areas that need special care, like areas that may flood.

Check the zone or overlay if you plan to buy a house or unit, develop land, or renovate your property. 

Planning property enquiry

A planning property enquiry provides you written advice from Council about the planning controls that apply to a particular property. 

Council encourages prospective buyers of a property or business to obtain written advice on the planning approvals that have been obtained for land prior to buying a property or existing business.

Lodge a planning property enquiry online or by form.

Land Information Certificates

Give you information such as:

  • all current valuations on the property including Site Value, Capital Improved Value and the Net Annual Value
  • rates including arrears and interest, and 
  • property debts.

Apply for a Land Information Certificate online, by form, or through other websites. 

Property Information Certificates

Give you information about a property such as:

  • building permits issued in the last 10 years
  • any outstanding building notices or orders
  • the date and type of inspection carried out for a building permit, and
  • whether the property is flood prone, termite prone or in an alpine area.

Apply for a Property Information Certificate online, by form, or through other websites. 

Old building plans

Council keeps old building plans, building permit applications and other building-related property information from the past. Most of this information is from 1994 onwards.

You can request copies of building plans or documents for your house or business within Merri-bek. This can be useful if you are doing renovations.

You must be the current owner or have the owner's written consent to view or obtain plans or documents.

Apply for copy of old building plans or documents online or by form.

Title search, land and property search and certificates

Order these online at the:

Planning certificates

Get a planning certificate through Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Planning certificates are official documents mainly used to satisfy the requirements of the Sale of Land Act 1962, under which the vendor of a property is required to provide details of the land zoning, and any overlay controls or exhibited proposed amendments to the planning scheme.

Planning certificates do not show the locations of zone boundaries and additional site specific controls that may apply.

Other property reports

The Victorian Department of Land has property reports:

  • Free basic property report includes zone summary, utilities, council property number.
  • Detailed property report includes above information, dimensions and diagram.
  • Free planning property report includes planing zones and overlays
  • Free local government report includes population projections, median values of property sales, Industries and jobs, income distribution, and suburb and town profile and datasheet


View and print online maps from Victorian Department of Land. You can zoom to an individual property or see a street or area. The map can show you:

  • boundary lines between properties
  • property numbers
  • major residential redevelopment sites
  • aerial photography
  • industrial land
  • zones for land use
  • overlays, for example heritage overlay and floodway overlay, and 
  • rivers, streams and bodies of water.

Old planning permits and endorsed plans

We recommend you first check online to see if information is available on the Council website. To view current planning applications and planning decisions see status of planning applications.

If information is not available online, to request to view the permits and endorsed plans of old planning permits, complete the Request to View Planning Permits and Endorsed Plans form and brochure (DOC 250Kb)