Gronn Place Public Housing Renewal (Amendment C170)

For updated information and enquiries on the redevelopment of Gronn Place please visit the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) web page on Gronn Place site.


Amendment approved

After considering advice from the Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory Committee held in October 2017, the Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C170 to the Merri-bek Planning Scheme (approved on Thursday 29 March).

The approved Planning Scheme Amendment will set the planning rules for how the site can be redeveloped.

The amendment rezones the land at Gronn Place Housing Estate from a General Residential Zone to a Mixed Use Zone, and includes the land in a Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 12) and a Parking Overlay. View the Amendment C170 fact sheet (PDF 586Kb) prepared by the State Government.

For full details about the approval refer to the social housing renewal program page on the State Government website.


Amendment C170 has been prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Minister for Planning is the planning authority for this amendment.

Moreland Planning Scheme Amendment C170 is required to provide improved social and private housing through the state government Public Housing Renewal Program.

As part of its Homes for Victorians strategy the Victorian Government, has committed to a $2.7 billion program of investment into housing and homelessness initiatives. The Public Housing Renewal Program is a $185 million program to redevelop a number of ageing public housing estates into vibrant, better-connected, mixed-tenure neighbourhoods where people can live in housing that is safe and secure.

The Department of Health and Human Services wants to grow social housing in this area because it is close to transport, education and work opportunities, as well as support services. Social housing is proposed to increase by at least 10 per cent and deliver housing that better suit the needs of tenants.

The Gronn Place site is one of nine public housing sites identified in stage one for renewal as it consists of buildings that are rundown and have high maintenance costs. The 'walk-up' buildings were commonly constructed in the 1960s without lifts, making them inaccessible to people with mobility issues, families with small children and older Victorians.

For more information on the Public Housing Renewal Program visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning website

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage for Council's position on the Gronn Place redevelopment, and read Councils submissions to the Advisory Committee. 

Land affected by the amendment

The land affected by the amendment is located on Gronn Place and Kitchener Street, Brunswick West.

Gronn Place map

What the amendment does

Amendment C170 seeks to facilitate and guide the redevelopment of land at Gronn Place and Kitchener Street, Brunswick West that is currently used for public housing. The amendment proposes to:

  • Rezone the land from a General Residential Zone – Schedule 1 (General Residential Areas) (GRZ1) to a Mixed Use Zone – Schedule 2 (Gronn Place, Brunswick West) (MUZ2);

  • Apply a Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 12 (Gronn Place, Brunswick West) (DPO12);

  • Apply a Parking Overlay (PO) – Schedule 2 (Gronn Place, Brunswick West) (PO2);

  • Add a strategic direction for public housing sites in Clause 21.02-3 (MSS Strategic Directions);

  • Add a strategy for public housing sites in Clause 21.03-3 (Housing);

  • Add a policy objective and policy for public housing sites in Clause 22.01 (Neighbourhood Character); and

  • Add the Minister for Planning as responsible authority in the Schedule to Clause 61.01.

Mixed Use Zone

The purpose of the Mixed Use Zone is to provide for a range of residential, commercial, industrial and other uses which complement the mixed-use function of the locality.

Development Plan Overlay

A Development Plan Overlay (DPO) requires that a Development Plan or ‘master plan’ be approved for the site which controls the form of development. The DPO requires issues such as density, design and traffic impacts to be considered in an integrated way. A planning permit is still required under a DPO however there are no third party notice and appeal rights for a proposal that accords with an approved Development Plan. The Development Plan is approved by the responsible authority.

Parking Overlay

The Parking Overlay proposes a reduced provision of car parking spaces for residential uses within the Gronn Place site in recognition of the site’s location and access to public transport and bicycle routes.

Change of responsible authority

It is proposed that the Minister for Planning will become the responsible authority to approve the required Development Plan and subsequent planning permit applications for the site. This means that the Minister for Planning rather than the Council would be responsible for the planning scheme in relation to the Gronn Place site.

Clause 21.02-3 Municipal Strategic Statement - Strategic Directions

This clause outlines seven directions that have been identified to guide planning decisions to assist in achieving the vision to create sustainable neighbourhoods. The proposed change to the clause includes a strategic direction for public housing sites.

21.03-3 Strategic Framework - Housing

This clause provides the Municipal Strategic Statement objectives and strategies to implement the vision set out by Council. Merri-bek Council seeks to provide housing diversity to meet community needs and the change to the clause will add a strategy for public housing sites.

Clause 22.01 Neighbourhood Character

This policy sets the objectives of Merri-bek Council in order to protect the neighbourhood character in residential areas. The change to the clause would include an objective and policy for public housing sites.

Where the amendment can be inspected

The Amendment can be inspected at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

Standing Advisory Commitee process

The Minister for Planning has appointed a Standing Advisory Committee to provide advice on the suitability of the amendment to facilitate the renewal and redevelopment of this public housing estate to increase the supply of social housing.

Information about the Social Housing Standing Advisory Committee process can be found on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website

Directions Hearing and further exhibition period

The Advisory Committee hosted a Directions Hearing on Thursday 7 September 2017.

Following this meeting, the Standing Advisory Committee issued a Direction. Details can be found on the Advisory Committee web page.

At the Directions Hearing held on 7 September 2017, the Advisory Committee sought advice from Department of Health and Human Services relating to inconsistencies between the Design Framework Plans and the schedule to the Development Plan Overlay which was publicly exhibited. An overview of these errors can be found below:

As a result of these errors, the Advisory Committee has directed that a further submission period occur to enable affected parties to address the changes to the Development Plan Overlay.

All revised or new submissions were accepted until 10 am on 2 October 2017 to address the changes to the Development Plan Overlay Schedules.

Information circulated by Department of Health and Human Services in response to the Directions of the Committee

Below is the remaining information circulated by the Department of Health and Human Services (in addition to the above documents regarding the inconsistencies between the Design Framework Plan and Development Plan Overlay). The below information was also circulated in response to the Directions issued by the Advisory Committee.

Advisory Commitee Public Hearing

The Advisory Committee held public hearings for those submitters who wished to make a presentation in the week beginning 2 October 2017. The Advisory Commitee was due to release its Report to the Minister for Planning regarding the Gronn Place Redevelopment in November 2017.

Further information

If you have questions about the amendment, please email the Department of Health and Human Services or call (03) 9096 5281.

If you have questions about the Advisory Committee process, please email Planning Panels Victoria or call (03) 8392 5123.

All other questions may be directed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on (03) 8683 0950 or Council's Strategic Planning Team on (03) 9240 1175 or by emailing Strategic Planning.

What is Council's position?

On the 10 May 2017 Council resolved to (NOM20/17 State Government Public Housing Redevelopment):

1. Acknowledge and thank the Department of Health and Human Services for their briefing of Councillors on 24 April 2017 and their subsequent letter to Council, dated 1 May 2017.

In particular we acknowledge that Gronn Place is in need of renovation to improve conditions for its residents.

2. Advocate that:

a) The state government replace all public housing currently at Gronn Place and add at least 50 per cent more public housing on the site.

b) The entire site remain for public housing only.

c) Genuine consultation takes place with the residents of Gronn Place, the local community and Merri-bek City Council.

d) Any redevelopment of the site be sensitive to the residential zoning of the site.

e) All dwellings at Gronn Place have at least a 7.5 star energy rating.

3. Write to the state members of Pascoe Vale and Brunswick and upper house members representing Northern Metropolitan Region outlining Council’s position and seeking a meeting to advocate for a better outcome for both current public housing tenants and for those who are on public housing waiting lists.

Amendment C170 was considered at the Council meeting on Wednesday 9 August 2017. View Council's submission to the Advisory Committee (PDF 5Mb) and Council's letter to the Premier. (PDF 634Kb)

See a further Council Officer submission (PDF 113Kb), in response to the further notification undertaken in September regarding the errors in the Development Plan Overlay.

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