Amendment C133: Development Contributions Plan Overlay

About Amendment C133 Development Contributions Plan Overlay

The Moreland Development Contributions Plan (DCP) imposes a development infrastructure levy and/or a community infrastructure levy to fund a range of social and physical infrastructure throughout the municipality.

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The DCP includes capital infrastructure projects such as roads, drainage, footpath, streetscape works as well as community infrastructure projects, such as child care centres, Maternal and Child Health Centres and neighbourhood houses. The infrastructure is required to cope with the growing population of the municipality and the consequential increased demand on infrastructure.

The amendment affects all land within the City of Merri-bek and:

  • applies the Development Contribution Plan Overlay (DCPO) to all land within the municipality
  • introduces the DCPO at Clause 45.06 of the Merri-bek Planning Scheme and Schedule 1 to the overlay (DCPO1)
  • amends Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement at Clauses 21.05-2 Industry and Commerce, 21.05-5 Urban Design, Urban Character and Street Landscapes, 21.5-7 Community and Leisure Services Facilities and 21.05-10 Infrastructure by introducing new strategies and referencing the Merri-bek Development Contributions Plan 2012
  • amends the Schedule to Clause 61.03
  • replaces the schedule to Clause 81.01 with a new schedule to incorporate the Moreland Development Contribution Plan 2015 (PDF 4Mb) into the Merri-bek Planning Scheme, and
  • insert 15 new Planning Scheme Maps: 1DCPO, 2DCPO, 3DCPO, 4DCPO, 5DCPO, 6DCPO, 7DCPO, 8DCPO, 9DCPO, 10DCPO, 11DCPO, 12DCPO, 13DCPO, 14DCPO, 15DCPO.

Status (November 2015)

Amendment C133 was gazetted on 19 November 2015 and the Overlay comes into effect from this date.

Council consideration and adoption of Amendment

On 11 February 2015 Council considered the recommendations of the Panel's report and resolved to adopt the amendment with changes.

The following amendment documents were submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval on 10 April 2015:

Further information

For further information relating to the amendment process, contact Council's Strategic Planning Unit on 9240 2422 or email Strategic Planning.


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