6. Decision on a planning permit application

Types of decisions

There are three types of decisions that can be made on a planning permit application.

Issue a planning permit

If your planning permit application is successful you will be issued with a planning permit and you can commence your land development or use project.

However, a planning permit is always subject to specified conditions that must be met. Sometimes the conditions require changes to the plans before Council will endorse the plans as part of the permit.

Upload the plans to satisfy permit conditions through Council Online Services.

You can register as a user and sign in to Council Online Services before you upload. As a registered user, you don't need to re-enter your personal information and can keep track of requests and applications on any device.

Issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit

If there are objections to your planning permit application then Council can only issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit.

The Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit is not a planning permit. It is a legal notice that states that Council supports the application if the land use or development meets certain conditions. These conditions are explained on the notice.

Council sends a copy of this notice to all concerned parties.

Refuse to issue a planning permit

If Council considers that the land development or use proposed in the planning permit application is not acceptable, it will refuse to issue a planning permit.

The reasons for the refusal are listed in the notice. All concerned parties will receive a copy of the notice.

Decisions at Planning and Related Matters meetings

Most planning applications are decided by Council's urban planners, however sometimes decisions are decided at a Planning and Related Matters meeting.

Council invites the applicant and any objectors to the Planning and Related Matters meeting. Members of the public are also welcome to attend.

At the meeting, the applicant and the objectors have the opportunity to speak briefly (usually for up to 3 minutes). Councillors then consider the application and make a decision. The decision is announced at the meeting.

Planning and Related Matters meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month (except January) at the Moreland Civic Centre.

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Appealing a decision

Objectors and applicants can appeal to VCAT to review Council planning permit application decisions.

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