Installing solar panels on heritage homes

While placing panels on a north-facing roof space is most effective in producing solar energy, east and west facing roof space can still be beneficial by providing good access to solar energy in the morning and afternoon.

When you need a planning permit for solar panels

When the property is zoned with a heritage overlay:

  • If solar panels will not be visible from a street or park, you do not require a planning permit.
  • If the panels will be visible from the street or a public park then you need to apply for a planning permit. These types of applications, in most cases, receive a permit in 10 business days.

How to apply for a planning permit

See submit a planning permit application for instructions on how to apply for a planning permit for solar panels on a house with a heritage overlay.

You can submit the application and pay the fee online. You can also apply by mail or in person.

What you need to apply for a planning permit for solar panels

  • A current Copy of Title (obtained from the Titles Offices within 3 months of the application being lodged).
  • The planning application fee (if the cost of installing solar panels is less than $10,000, the fee is $192). 
  • Photographs of:
    • Your home as seen from the street (current condition)
    • Any oblique or side views of the roof (if this is where the panels are to be located)
    • A photograph of your home as seen from the street with the rough location of the panels indicated.
  • A brief written description of:
    • The number of panels, size of the panels and where these will be located
    • The colour of the panels (multi/polycrystalline or monocrystalline).
    • The type of framing to be used on the roof and whether it will be laid flat or on an angle. This will enable the planning team to assess the impact on the existing roof and visibility from the street.

(You can check the above with your supplier).

  • An aerial photograph of your property (from Google Earth or NearMaps) with the location of the panels indicatively drawn on the roof. It needs to show:
    • Property boundary, labelling the street
    • Orientation (where is north)
    • Approximate distance of the solar panels from the street and/or laneway.

Streamlining the process

Applications to install solar panels (if they are the only trigger for a planning permit) fall under the Fast Track planning process.

These are typically processed through our Fast Track service and completed in 10 business days.

For more information contact the Planning Department on 9240 1111.

Further information

A Building Permit may also be required for the installation of your system. For more information contact Council’s Building Department on 9240 1111.


An example application has been prepared here: