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Assessing overshadowing impacts on solar panels

There are currently no statewide guidelines for assessing the overshadowing impacts a proposed development may have on existing solar photovoltaic panels. Merri-bek City Council has prepared the following advisory note outlining the issues and suggested approaches where this situation arises.

Useful links and guides

Moreland Sustainable Buildings Policy (PDF 936Kb)

Sustainable Buildings Policy Matrix (XLS 396Kb)


We walk the talk! This CEO approved policy outlines how Merri-bek delivers best practice environmentally sustainable design outcomes in our own capital works projects to ensure that all new and renovated buildings meet best practice standards.

Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) formerly MEFL

Based in Brunswick, the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit organisation initially founded by Merri-bek City Council to work with the Merri-bek community to take action on climate change. Council funds AEF to provide information and advice to Merri-bek households and businesses, including the Home Renovator's Service (free for Merri-bek residents) - a one hour consultation to help you make sustainable design, material and product choices when renovating.

Download a one page 'cheat sheet' of passive solar design principles:

Your Home

A website providing a wide range of advice and design guides for passive design and sustainable building, including good rules of thumb. An excellent resource for individuals seeking to improve their understanding of ESD concepts and practice.

Includes the Your Home Renovator's Guide, Your Home Buyer's Guide and Your Home Technical Manual.

Sustainability Victoria

A Victorian Government website with information about current rebates, information about saving water and energy and reducing waste.

Australian Greenhouse Calculator

An online software tool that helps you understand how your lifestyle choices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions by calculating your annual greenhouse gas footprint from the information you provide.

Alternative Technology Association

An independent organisation providing practical sustainability advice for households and communities. Discuss you project and get technical advice from other Alternative Technology Association members on the online forums.


A free online tool by the Alternative Technology Association that helps you calculate what size rainwater tank best suits your need.


A free online tool by the Alternative Technology Association that estimates the economic feasibility of a solar-battery system.

Sustainable House Day

Visit some of Australia's leading green homes - homes that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in. This annual event happens in September and has been running for over a decade.