Owner-builder requirements

A builder must be registered or be an owner-builder. An owner-builder is a person who builds or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, who is not a registered builder or in the business of building.

An owner-builder:

  • must get a certificate of consent for any domestic building work with a value over $16,000 (including labour costs and materials) before applying for building permit
  • can get a building permit for one single home every three years
  • must not build for a profit
  • must own the land or property, and
  • must live in and continue to live, or intend to live in the single home. 

Certificate of consent for an owner-builder

A certificate of consent says in writing that you want to be an owner-builder on your own land in Victoria.

To apply for a certificate of consent to become an owner-builder you must:

You need to get a certificate of consent to be an owner-builder from the Victorian Building Authority. The Victorian Building Authority has more information about the application process and requirements.