Open space temporary occupation permits

Requirements before you can occupy Council open space

Occupation of Council open space is only permitted with an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit, or if occupation is less than 24 hours with prior notification to Council.

Council open space includes parks and reserves, playgrounds, roadside garden beds and grassed areas.

When you need an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit

If you will be occupying Council open space for 24 hours or longer

You must apply for an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit from Council. 

This permit is required to ensure public safety and the proper placement and storage of material and equipment in these spaces, including building materials.

Works must also not impact on the health of neighbouring trees (described in the Australian Standard AS4970 – Protection of trees on development sites), garden beds, grassed areas and Council open space.

At least 1.2 metres of footpath width must be kept clear for pedestrians and the area occupied must be securely barricaded for public safety. This width may be reduced to 1 metre depending on the circumstances.

When you need to notify Council

If you will be occupying Council open space for less than 24 hours. 

You need to notify Council on 8311 4300 or email Council Open Space at least 3 business days in advance.

Permit fees may still apply depending on the circumstances and nature of the request.


An Open Space Temporary Occupation permit application incurs a fee of $6.20 per square metre per week. This fee is reviewed yearly.

The permit fee depends on the scope of works, the duration of the works and the area of Council land required.

Please contact Council on 8311 4300 for more information about fees.

How to apply for an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit

What you need

Some information that may be required as part of your application for an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit include:

  • Public liability insurance for at least $10 million
  • Arborist inspection report according to AS4970 (where trees are affected)
  • Drawings or plans showing:
    • the actual conditions of the site and the proposed protection measures to prevent damage to open space
    • how pedestrian access will be maintained
    • location of street furniture, such as street benches, signs and power poles (if any)
    • location of public transport stops, such as tram stop or bus stop, and
    • scope of the work.

Information about the proposed works must be provided to the satisfaction of Council.

How to apply

Please provide 5 business days notice, if you require an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit. 

If you advise Council on an Asset Protection Permit form that you need to occupy a park or reserve next to the building site, Council will inspect the site and determine the cost of occupying the park or reserve. Council then issues you an invoice for the permit fee and a permit once payment is received.

You may also request an application form by contacting the Council Operations Centre by emailing Council Operations Centre or phone 8311 4300.

Pay the permit fee online by Visa or MasterCard or pay the fee in person at a Council Customer Service Centre.

What happens after you apply

Once your application has been received, Council's Open Space Maintenance unit will review the application. You will be advised if your application has been successful.

An invoice will be generated for payment. Upon receipt of payment, an Open Space Temporary Occupation permit will be issued.

You may not occupy Council open space until Council issues you a permit.

This permit must be produced onsite, for verification by Council Officers. 

When you have completed your works, contact Council to arrange a final inspection of Council assets.

If damage has occurred to Council assets and it is deemed the damage is associated with your building activity, the extent of damage is detailed and you are notified in writing.

Council will ask that you either arrange for the repairs independently or agree to Council contractors carrying out the repairs. If you choose Council contractors to do the work, an invoice will be sent for the repair costs. This needs to be paid before Council issues a Letter of Clearance or starts repair works.