When you need a building permit (Business)

All building works need a building permit unless they are exempt. A small number of building works are exempt from a building permit. For a full list of exemptions, see Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations 2018.

The best way to find out if you need a building permit is to contact Council. This is a free service.

If your project requires a planning permit, then you must have the planning permit before you can apply for a building permit. When you need a planning permit has information about what types of building and land use projects require a planning permit.

Why you need a building permit

A building permit ensures that your building project:

  • is built by a registered builder
  • has the correct documentation
  • is inspected at different stages of work, and
  • is independently assessed as finished and/or suitable for occupation. 

A building permit also lists the types of inspections your project must have at different stages of work. For example, your building project may need to be inspected for footing, steel reinforcement, frame and require a final inspection.

There may also be other permits and approvals for building.

Large fines apply if you build without the correct permits and you may be forced to demolish illegal buildings or building work.

Examples of building projects requiring a building permit

You may need a building permit for:

  • changing the use of a building, for example shop to a cafe or warehouse to a gym
  • extensions or alterations to an existing building
  • demolition works
  • signs attached to a building
  • changes to essential safety measures in a building, such as exit signs, emergency lighting, sprinklers
  • change to the path of travel through a building.

Contact us

Contact Council to see if you need a building permit. This is a free service.