Building fees

Building permit fee

The building permit fee is based on a percentage of the cost of the works plus GST.

Where the full cost of works is unknown, an estimate cost may be accepted where information is provided detailing the method of estimation. A minimum fee applies for minor works.

Contact Council Building Services for an over-the-phone quote on the approximate cost of a building permit. 

A building permit fee is based on a percentage of the cost of the works plus GST.

Projects valued at more than $10,000 will also incur a state government levy.

Other fees related to building permits

  • Extension of time for a Council-issued building permit $326.85
  • Variation to documents only, submitted for a Council-issued building permit $242.60 and
  • Variation to documents and plans submitted for a Council-issued building permit $424.30.
  • Council has introduced the Development Contributions Plan Levy (DCP), which applies to certain types of development. For more information, including a calculator to estimate the DCP amount, see Moreland Development Contributions Plan.

Building consent fees

  • Consent to demolish $85.20
  • Consent to building over an easement vested in Council $360.20
  • Consent for siting $290.40
  • Consent for projections $290.40
  • Consent for flooding $290.40
  • Consent for precautions (Reg.116) $294.70
  • Fee for Council to undertake notification to adjoining owners as part of a Part 5 report and consent application $130.95
  • Fee for list of adjoining ownership details for Part 4 report and consent applications $65.60

Other building fees

Contact Council Building Services if the fee you require is not shown.