Complaints about buildings and building work

What you can report to Council

Council investigates:

  • buildings which do not comply with, or are constructed without, the required permits
  • illegal use of a building, for example a property used as a rooming house
  • dangerous buildings or structures including those that are fire damaged or structurally unsound
  • non-compliant swimming pool barriers
  • failure to maintain essenital safety measures within a building such as exit doors, fire safety equipment, smoke alarms, exit and fire doors, and
  • demolition of a building without the required permit in place.

For unsafe or dangerous work practices, contact Worksafe Victoria on 9641 1444 or 1800 136 089.

How to make a complaint?

Complete the Building Services Complaint Registration form (DOC 318Kb) to make a complaint about a dangerous building or if you suspect a building does not comply with or has been constructed without the required permits, 

This provides detailed information to officers to allow a comprehensive and efficient assessment of the building.

Who investigates a complaint?

Council investigates the complaint if the building permit was issued by Council or if no building permit has been issued.

Council also investigates complaints about buildings that have a planning permit issued by Council.

If a private building surveyor issued the building permit for the building project, then the private building surveyor investigates the complaint. Council does not get involved with complaints stemming from building permits issued by a private building surveyor unless there is a danger to the public and immediate action is required.

Outcomes of investigations

Once Council investigates the complaint, Council will advise you of the findings of the investigation.

If a breach or contravention is found then Council, through the Municipal Building Surveyor, may issue a building notice or order, and may take the owner of a dangerous building to court. 

Emergency works and fines may apply to dangerous buildings.