Bus shelters

Bus shelter adshellBus shelters in Merri-bek

Of the 684 bus stops in Merri-bek, about 200 stops have a bus shelter.

There are a several different types of bus shelters in Merri-bek.

The newer glass bus shelters were installed and are maintained under private partnerships between Public Transport Victoria and Adshel, and between Merri-bek Council and JC Decaux.

Council also owns and maintains its own shelters which usually have pebble mix concrete or metal sides.

How to report a damaged bus shelter

Report damage to a bus shelter in Merri-bek through the Council website, or contact Council. Provide the location of the bus shelter and information about the issue. Glass bus shelters have an ID number on them.  If you can quote this number with your request along with the nearest street address it will help us respond.

Council will log the issue and forward your request to the appropriate bus shelter maintenance company.

Alternatively, you can contact the bus shelter maintenance company directly. A hotline number is located on each bus shelter.

How to lodge a request for a new bus shelter

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) part of the Victorian State Government Department of Transport has a program to install bus shelters across Victoria.   Moreland Council suppliments state government efforts with its own bus shelter installation program.  The Merri-bek program aims to install 5 to 6 new bus shelters a year. 

Highest priority goes to bus stops which are most regularly used. Boarding information is provided by bus companies and myki data.

To request a shelter at a bus stop please contact PTV on 1800 800 007 or Merri-bek Council on info@moreland.vic.gov.au 9240 1168

Making bus stops accessable for more people -  Disablity Standards for Accessable Public Transport

As part of the bus shelter installation program, PTV and Merri-bek Council are working together to make bus stops more usable for more people. This involves reconstructing the space near a bus stop and shelter to create clear, accessable path of travel from the nearby footpath, to the bus shelter, from the shelter to the bus door and around the shelter and stop for people using the footpath.

These changes make it easier to get around people for using shopping jeeps, prams and wheelchairs. We make these change because we believe equal access to transport is a human right.

Any project to change a bus stop or shelter also includes a requirement to make the bus stop accessable and this may affect the number of shelters Merri-bek Council deliver in a year.

Moving a bus stop as part of a construction project

If you own land near a bus stop or shelter and would like changes made to the bus stop to support a project on your property, you will need to talk to Public Transport Victoria (PTV) part of the Victorian Government Department of Transport on 1800 800 007:

Moving a bus stop can be a complicated process.  It is likely to require consultation with the bus operator, the roads authority and land owners near the place you intend to move the bus stop to. If supported by these stakeholders, making the change will require site surveys, preparation of construction drawings, a construction crew and traffic management.

It is a good idea to contact PTV early in planning stage of your project  to get a clear idea of your responsibilities, costs and other impacts associated with making a change to a bus stop.

There are penalties under the Road Management Act for modifing, changing or relocating bus stop infrastructure without consent.  Please refer to the Department of Transport guide Moving a bus stop as part of a construction project (PDF 49Kb) for more information.