Heavy vehicle access

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Access to Merri-bek's road network for heavy vehicles is managed and coordinated by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is Australia’s independent regulator for all vehicles over 4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass and operates under the Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations which commenced in Victoria on 10 February 2014.

Heavy vehicle access to Merri-bek roads

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator needs to gain formal consent from Merri-bek Council to allow the following vehicles to travel on roads for which Merri-bek Council is the road manager:

  1. Restricted Access Heavy Vehicles
  2. Class 2 Heavy Vehicles, and
  3. Special Purpose Vehicles which are not accessing roads within the approved special purpose vehicle network or are otherwise exempted by a government gazettal. Special purpose vehicles include mobile cranes.

"Restricted Access Heavy Vehicle", "Class 2 Heavy Vehicle" and "Special Purpose Vehicle" are defined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law. Alternatively, see definitions below.

The heavy vehicle network map on the VicRoads website provides details of all preapproved routes for heavy vehicles.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is not required to gain approval from Council for other types or classes of heavy vehicle.

How to apply to use a heavy vehicle on a road in Merri-bek

All applications are lodged directly with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Parking of heavy vehicles

See heavy or long vehicle parking for further information.

Further information


If you have an enquiry about heavy vehicle access in Merri-bek, contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on 1300 696 487.


Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Part 4.6A, Clause 153A),  a restricted access vehicle means a heavy vehicle that (together with its load) is—
a. higher than 4.3m; or
b. wider than 2.5m; or
c. longer than—
(i) if a single vehicle other than an articulated bus—12.5m; or
(ii) if an articulated bus—18m; or
(iii) if a combination—19m.

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Part 4.6, Division 1, Clause 136), a heavy vehicle is a class 2 heavy vehicle if—
a. it—
(i) complies with the prescribed mass requirements and prescribed dimension requirements applying to it; and
(ii) is—
A. a B-double; or
B. a road train; or
C. a bus, other than an articulated bus, that is longer than 12.5m; or
D. a combination designed and built to carry vehicles on more than 1 deck that, together with its load is longer than 19m or higher than 4.3m; or
E. a motor vehicle, or a combination, that is higher than 4.3m and is built to carry cattle, sheep, pigs or horses; or
b. it is a Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicle built in accordance with the PBS scheme.

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Part 4.5, Division 1, Clause 116) and in this context a special purpose vehicle is:
a. a heavy vehicle that together with its load, does not comply with a prescribed mass requirement or prescribed dimension requirement applying to it; and is
(i) a motor vehicle or trailer, other than an agricultural vehicle or a tow truck, built for a purpose other than carrying goods; or
(ii) a concrete pump or fire truck

Special purpose vehicles include mobile cranes.