Resident parking permits

We did not enforce timed parking restrictions while covid-19 stage 4 restrictions were in place.

With the easing of restrictions, timed parking restrictions are now being enforced.

We are now using an electronic permits system, or ePermits, for resident parking permits.

Who can apply

If you live in a street with timed parking restrictions, such as a 2-hour parking limit, your household may be eligible for a parking permit.

  • If you live in a property which has not been subdivided after 31 August 2011 you are generally eligible for a resident parking permit.
  • If you live in a property which has been subdivided after 31 August 2011 you are generally not eligible for resident and visitor parking permits. This includes newer townhouses and apartments.
  • If you are a current disabled parking permit holder (even if your property is subdivided after 30 August 2011).
  • Resident parking permits allow you to park all-day in your street.

This is due to the Parking Management Policy adopted by Council in 2011, which sought to provide protection for existing residents in older properties who rely on on-street parking. Find out more about our parking policy.

How do I apply for a resident parking permit?

You will need to apply for a new electronic permit, or an ePermit. An ePermit will be linked to your vehicle’s registration number.

To apply for an ePermit you will need the following:

  • An email address
  • A credit/debit card (VISA or Mastercard)
  • 1 proof of residency document (rates or tenancy agreement, current drivers licence, utility bill [not a mobile phone bill])

Check if your property is eligible for a resident parking permit

Step 1 - Check if you are eligible for a parking permit by typing in your property address*. This search function checks whether your property was or was not subdivided after August 2011.

*When you enter your address, use the dropdown menu to select the property.

Search to see if your property is eligible and apply

This search result is an indication only.  

Step 2 - If your property is eligible, the address will auto populate in the drop-down menu. Select your address. and click ‘Apply’ on the permit type (Resi 1 or Resi 2).

Step 3 - Sign up for PayStay account by clicking on ‘Sign up’ on the next page. If you already have a PayStay account, log on using your current PayStay username and password.

Note – When signing up for a PayStay account for the first time, please ensure your address is updated on the User Profile (top right-hand side corner). Please add your property and choose your address from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 - Click on ‘My Application’ on the top left corner and then click on ‘Residential’ to fill out the Resident Parking application form.