Lost or damaged permits

If you lose or damage your parking permit, you must complete a statutory declaration and submit this to us.You will need to pay an administration fee of $28.10 for each permit you need replaced.

If your car was stolen, you will not be charged for a permit replacement if you provide a copy of the police report.

Once we receive your payment and statutory declaration, we will cancel your old permit and issue you with a new one.

How to apply for a replacement permit

  1. Fill out a statutory declaration. The permit holder must be the one who fills this out.
  2. Drop this in or email or post to us.
  3. We will then send you out an invoice using the details provided on the statutory declaration.
  4. Pay your invoice using one of the payment methods listed on the invoice.
  5. We will then send you your new permit in through the post.
  6. Until you receive your new permit, you must park legally and observe parking restrictions in the street.