Request to change parking restrictions in your street

Who can apply

Council can consider introducing or modifying parking restrictions in any residentially-zoned street on a request basis.

If your street has no existing parking restrictions, Council first considers introducing 2 hour parking restrictions. If 2 hour parking restrictions are not achieving the desired parking turn-over, Council then considers shorter parking restrictions, such as 1 hour parking, and then residential parking permits only.

Outside of Major and Neighbourhood Activity Centres, Council guidelines are to introduce parking restrictions on one side of the street only. This is done so that both residents and non-residents have the opportunity to park in Merri-bek streets.

How to apply to install or modify parking restrictions

What you need

Before you apply, speak to your neighbours to assess support for restrictions. 

How to apply

Complete the Residential Parking Restrictions application form (DOC 290Kb)and submit to Council:

What happens after you apply

Council Transport Engineers assess the application in accordance with the Council Parking Management Policy (DOC 184Kb).

Council surveys the owners and occupiers in the impacted area to determine the level of support. Council will only install the restrictions if:

  • at least 25 per cent of the affected area responds, and
  • at least 60 per cent of the responses are in support of the proposal.

Council then advises the surveyed owners and occupiers of the outcome of the survey.

If supported, the parking restriction signage will be installed in four to six weeks. 

Eligible owners and occupiers can apply for a residential and visitor parking permits