Report illegal parking

Parking rules exist to help the flow of traffic, support access to homes, businesses and community facilities as well as to ensure safety around shopping precincts, hospitals, clearways and schools.

When you can report illegal parking

You can report illegally parked vehicles to Council if you see a vehicle: 

  • blocking the safe flow of traffic
  • blocking a driveway
  • on a clearway, no stopping or no parking zone
  • in a disabled parking zone without a valid permit
  • on a nature strip, footpath or median strip, or
  • impacting the safety or amenity of the community.

It is not necessary to report a vehicle that has over-stayed a time restriction as regular patrols will manage these situations.  

How to report illegal parking

Report illegal parking through the Council website, or contact Council.

Report illegal parking

When reporting an issue, please provide the car registration, make and colour as well as the exact location of the vehicle.

Reporting parking issues around train stations and tracks

Moreland City Council is not authorised to issue or enforce parking fines or deal with parking problems at train station car parks at Brunswick, Coburg, Fawkner, Glenroy, Gowrie, Jewell, Merri-bek, Oak Park, and Pascoe Vale Stations. Metro authorised officers enforce parking rules in these train station car parks.

Council is also not authorised to enforce parking restrictions on VicTrack land around train tracks in the Merri-bek area.

Visit the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure or VicTrack for more information.

Use of cameras by enforcement staff

Merri-bek Council enforcement staff utilise body worn cameras in their day to day duties. These are worn in order to ensure an accurate representation of any incidents as well as for the protection of staff.

You may be recorded if you interact with these staff. Recordings are used for incident verification purposes as well as for staff professional development.