Parking ticket machines

Ticketed car parks in Merri-bek

There are a number of car parks in Merri-bek which require a ticket to be displayed in the dashboard of the car to park.

Tickets are obtained from a ticketing machine in the car park.

The Council contractor for ticketing machines, Reset, checks ticketing machines daily and fixes machine faults.

Car park Machine number
9-11 Union Street, Brunswick UNI-001
13-15 Edward Street, Brunswick EDW-001
7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick DAW-001
12-18 Staley Street, Brunswick  STA-001
Barkly Street, Brunswick


Rosser Street, Brunswick ROS-001
682-684 Sydney Road, including Jones Street, Brunswick  SYD-682
797-801 Sydney Road, Brunswick SYD-797

How to report an issue with a ticketing machine

Report a faulty ticketing machine through the Council website, or contact Council. Include the name of the car park in your report.

For Council to withdraw an infringement notice based on there being a faulty parking ticket machine, there must be record of the fault being reported to Council.