Suggest a new library item

We welcome suggestions for new items which are suitable for the library collection. Before you suggest an item, please check the library catalogue to see if we already have the item.

We will assess your suggestion based on the Library Selection and Collection Development Policy (DOC 195Kb). Please be aware that we may not be able to purchase all items suggested. Additionally, some items may not be available either because they are out of print or have not yet been printed or released. There is no charge to submit this suggestion form, however due to administrative costs we will not notify you regarding the outcome of your suggestion.

Alternatively, we offer a request for purchase form that you can fill out in person at one of the Merri-bek libraries and submit for the fee of $3. Making a request in this way means we will notify you as to the outcome of your request. If we do purchase the item, we will place it on hold for you to collect at your nominated Merri-bek library.