Library fees and charges

General library charges

Reservations No charge. Limit of 10 reservations
Interlibrary loans $3.10 + fee charged by lending library
Requests $3
Lost membership card $3.10

Replacement and repair charges

Replacement of lost or damaged items

Cost of item + $6.50 processing fee

Audio-visual materials (standard repair)


Damaged book (if repairable)

Cost of rebinding

Printing and photocopying

Black and white printing

Size A4: 20c per copy

Black and white photocopying

Size A4: 20c per copy
Size A3: 40c per copy

Colour photocopying Size A4: $1 per copy
Size A3: $2 per copy

Scanning of local history photographs

Digital copy onto CD $10.30 per image + freight and handling if required

Items for sale

Book sale items: 1 book $1
Book sale items: 5 books $3
Library bags (Polypropylene) $2
Headphones $3
USBs $10


Note: Merri-bek City Council Fees and Charges Schedule 2020-21 (PDF 402Kb) is applicable from 1 July 2020.  All fees and charges are inclusive of GST.  

Download Library fees and charges (DOC 58Kb)