Return items

You can return your books, magazines, CDs or DVDs to any Merri-bek library at any time. All Merri-bek libraries provide an after hours chute so that items can be returned even if the library is closed.

Overdue items

There are no overdue fines charged if you return a library item late. However, you will not be able to borrow more items until you have returned any overdue items.

Lost or stolen items

If you lose a library item or it is stolen tell the library immediately. If possible the library will renew the item, to give you more time to find it.

If you do not find or recover the item, you must pay the replacement value plus a processing fee of $6.50. You may choose to pay off all charges at once or reduce them to under $50 so that you can continue to borrow.

Damaged items

If you damage an item, you must pay for the repair of the item or pay the full replacement cost. Your home insurance policy may cover theft and fire damage. All items remain the property of the library.