WiFi, internet and photocopiers

Accessing WiFi at the library

All Merri-bek libraries offer WiFi access.

Library members can access WiFi in the libraries for free. Visit join the library to become a library member.

You can connect your laptop or device to the WiFi network as you would normally in any public place.

WiFi access is only avaliable during library opening hours. The WiFi shuts down 5 minutes before closing time.

Using the library's computers and internet

All Merri-bek libraries have computers with internet access which can be used by library members to look at the web, check email or to do word processing. Visit join the library to become a library member.

To book a computer, call any Moreland library and provide your membership number. You can also make your next booking while you are at the library via the library catalogue computer. Staff can help you with this.

Brunswick, Coburg, Fawkner and Glenroy libraries each have an express computer which is available for 15 minute walk up sessions.

It is free to use a library computer. You can use a computer for a maximum of two hours a day. 

Computers have Microsoft Office 2013, Firefox internet browser, Adobe Reader and webcams.

Printing, scanning and photocopying

Costs are:

  • Black and white printing and photocopies are 20 cents for a single-sided A4 page and 40 cents for single-sided A3 page.
  • Colour printing and photocopies are $1 for a single-sided A4 page and $2 for a single-sided A3 page. 

You are responsible for your own printing and photocopying and there are no refunds.

You will need your library membership card to use printing and photocopy facilities. Money is loaded onto your card to pay for the printing. We have an EFTPOS facility to load money onto your membership card if you do not have cash.

The photocopiers use 100 per cent recycled white paper. You cannot use your own paper.

Photocopiers also have a scanning facility. You can only scan documents to a USB.  You must provide your own USB or purchase one from the library.

Printing from your device

You can now print directly from your own device, including your mobile, laptop or tablet using your library card details. 

On your device, log in to the Print Center with your library card details. Your username is your library card number with an uppercase "A" at the beginning and an uppercase "B" at the end (for example, A20003010000000B). Your password is your birthdate in 8-digit format (DDMMYYYY).

To print, click the Upload button, choose a document from your device and click "open". You can click on the uploaded document in Print Center to change print options.

Then you can scan your library card at a Merri-bek library printer to release your print jobs. You will need to have enough money loaded on your card to pay for the print jobs.