Made in Merri-bek: local authors

Made in Merri-bek program

Made in Merri-bek is an innovative library program that supports and promotes local musicians, writers and film-makers.

Moreland City Libraries will attempt to buy three copies of published books by all authors who live in the City of Merri-bek. The library will buy these books through contracted book suppliers.

At least one copy of each book is kept in the library's local history collection.

Local authors

A selection of well-known authors of published books who have a significant and public connection (past or present)  to the City of Merri-bek. 

Some listed authors may also write books in categories other than those under which they are listed. You can find many of these authors' books in the libraries' lending and local history collections.

Children's and young adult authors

Sue DeGennaro
Andy Griffiths
Martine Murray

Non-fiction writers

Roger Averill
Clare Boyd-Macrae
Robert Corbet
Catherine Deveny
Vasili Kanidiadis
Kevin Morgan
Joan Nestle


Les Barnes
Laurie Burchill
Laurie Cunningham

Novelists and short-story authors

Romy Ash
Tony Birch
Fiona Capp
Steven Carroll
Laurie Clancy
Rosalie Ham
Shane Maloney


Lisa Bellear
Kevin Brophy
Grant Caldwell
Angela Costi
Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Myron Lysenko