Public toilets

Find a public toilet

Search the National Public Toilet Map website to find nearby public toilets. As well as the toilet location, view opening hours, accessibility features, and other facilities like baby change facilities and sharps disposal.

Council maintains information about Council-managed public toilets in the National Public Toilet Map

You can also use Find a park to search for parks in Merri-bek with a public toilet.

Cleaning and maintenance of public toilets

Council provides many public toilets in Merri-bek, including in parks and shopping areas.

Council-managed public toilets are cleaned at least twice a week. Toilets which are more frequently used are cleaned more regularly, as often as once a day. A sign on the public toilet building provides the date and time when toilets were last cleaned.

As well as standard public toilets, Council manages Exceloo public toilets, which are those that self-clean.

The Moreland Public Toilet Strategy (DOC 622Kb) guides public toilet locations, opening hours, design principles, cleaning and maintenance, and aims to provide safe, accessible, clean and environmentally-sustainable public toilets across the municipality.

How to report an issue with a public toilet

Report an issue with a public toilet, such as a toilet which is out of order or needs cleaning, through the Council website, or contact Council.

The contact number to report faults and issues is also available at each public toilet site.

New public toilet facilities

Council builds new public toilet facilities and replaces existing public toilets as part of the annual capital works program.

The Moreland Public Toilet Strategy (DOC 622Kb) Appendix D lists priority locations for new public toilet facilities and projects to refurbish existing public toilets over the next seven years. It also outlines the criteria Council uses to prioritise projects.