There are 127 playgrounds in parks in Merri-bek.

Playgrounds can have slides and swings, nets and flying foxes, fun art pieces to climb, climbing frames, and fall mats.

Moreland playgrounds video shows playgrounds at Gilmour Park in Coburg, John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve in Oak Park, Kirkdale Park in Brunswick East, and G E Clarke Reserve in Glenroy.

Playground safety

Every six months a certified independent authority audits every playground in Merri-bek to make sure they comply with Australian safety standards.

Council staff also inspect many playgrounds on a monthly basis.

New playgrounds

The Moreland Playground Strategy 2008-18 (DOC 3Mb) and Five Year Playground Development Plan guide the improvement and replacement of playgrounds in Merri-bek.

Visit park and playground projects for details about upcoming playground improvement projects.

Key playgrounds in Merri-bek

Methven Park Brunswick East

Methven Park, Brunswick

A sensitive approach was taken to upgrade the playground, including additional and refurbished play equipment, path extensions, replanting and irrigation works, new picnic settings, drinking, fountain, bins and bollards. See Methven Park.

Bush Reserve, Coburg

Bush Reserve uses recycled materials from the old depot site to create a unique place for locals to meet, play and have fun in a sustainable community space.

The playground features a tree house, flying fox, swings, an old boat, wheel chair accessible liberty swing and musical sound sculptures. Other features of the park include a sheltered barbecue and picnic area, olive grove, table tennis, basketball half court, walking paths, extensive tree planting and carparking. See Bush Reserve.

De Chene Reserve CoburgDe Chene Reserve, Coburg

A fort with a sand play area and a lovely picnic spot near the Merri Creek Trail. Exercise equipment is also located around the reserve. See De Chene Reserve.

Coburg Lake Reserve, Coburg North

A play space has been developed on the De Chene Parade side of Coburg Lake Reserve. Enjoy the 'outdoor lounge' with its magical creatures and favourite toys carved into a lounge suite. There is also a great flying fox, a five-way swing, maze and a outdoor 'Twister' board.

The playground on the Lake Grove side of the reserve - the main lake playground - has also been refurbished and has new equipment. A high tower with two slides has been installed, as well as a great climbing net. There is also a basket swing and other swings, rockers and spinners. See Coburg Lake Reserve.

Parker Reserve Coburg North

Parker Reserve, Coburg North

Thanks to extensive community input during the planning and design process, the local community is now enjoying the new play space, picnic area and circuit path created as part of our park improvement project. See Parker Reserve.

Sanger Reserve, Coburg North

Parkour equipment to practice moves and develop confidence. Parkour involves climbing, jumping, running and balancing to test your abilities in moving from one piece of equipment to another. See Sanger Reserve.

Harmony Park, Gaffney Street, Coburg

A unique playground for children of all abilities. Harmony Park is a popular playground for its variety of play equipment and its natural features and landscape. The Coburg Skate Park is also located at this reserve. See Harmony Park.

Edward Street Park, Fawkner

The park includes a climbing unit with slide, swings and a spinner. Nature play elements, including rocks and logs for balancing and a picnic table and seats. See Edward Street Park.

Brearley Reserve Pascoe Vale SouthBrearley Reserve, Pascoe Vale South

A play space with a flying fox and hilltop slide, as well as exercise equipment stations located around the park. See Brearley Reserve.

Shore Reserve, Pascoe Vale South

Visit Pascoe Vale South's newest residents, the Ringmaster and the Strong Lady - gorgeous sculptures by chainsaw artist, Angie Polgaze. The playground features sandplay and climbing frames. See Shore Reserve.