Park maintenance and access

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Moreland has over 177 parks and reserves. Parks provide pleasant places for our community to enjoy and to relax, play sport or just read a book.

Access to parks and reserves for adjacent properties

There are many reasons that residents of Merri-bek may want to apply for access to one of Merri-bek's parks or reserves. Most commonly, access to a park or reserve is needed when completing a project in the backyard of a property which is adjacent to the reserve and requires vehicle or equipment access.

If you require access for less than 24 hours, you can apply for access by emailing the Open Space Department. Please allow three working days for this application to be processed.

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to pick up the keys from the Walter Street Depot, between the hours of 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: You will be responsible for the safekeeping of the keys. In the event keys are lost or not returned in the specified period, there is a $500 replacement fee.

If you require access for longer than 24 hours you will need to apply for an Open Space Temporary Occupation Permit (O-STOP). This permit is required to ensure public safety and the proper placement and storage of material and equipment in these spaces, including building materials. All requests are subject to approval by the Open Space Unit Manager.


Park maintenance works and mowing schedule

Council cleans and maintains all parks, reserves, playgrounds and sports grounds in Merri-bek.

Council carries out more major maintenance works throughout the year, such as:

  • maintenance of Council's 120 playgrounds
  • maintenance of Council's 1500 roadside garden beds (plantations)
  • minor fence repairs around public open space
  • garden bed maintenance in car parks, and
  • garden maintenance in kindergartens and child care centres.


The mowing schedule shows whether your park is normally on a two, three or four weekly maintenance cycle.

Council aims to achieve an 85 per cent or greater completion rate against this schedule.

We sometimes need to change the park maintenance works and mowing schedule as a result of storms, extreme weather or other urgent work.

Park or reserve Suburb Weekly cycle
A.G Gillon Oval Brunswick 3
Anderson Park Brunswick 3
Barkly Street Park Brunswick 4
Brunswick Park Brunswick 3
Clifton Park Brunswick 3
Coral Street Playground Brunswick 3
Douglas Reserve Brunswick 3
Fleming Park Brunswick 3
Foletta Park Brunswick 3
Gandolfo Gardens Brunswick 2
Gilpin Park Brunswick 3
Holbrook Reserve Brunswick 3
Hudson Street Reserve Brunswick 3
Jacobs Reserve Brunswick 2
Jewell Station Brunswick 2
Jones Park Brunswick 2
Kirkdale Park Brunswick 3
Loreto John York Park Brunswick 3
Methven Park Brunswick 2
Park Street Reserve Brunswick 2
Pooley Reserve Brunswick 3
Randazzo Park Brunswick 3
Shiels Reserve Brunswick 3
Symons Park Brunswick 3
Temple Park Brunswick 2
Warr Park Brunswick 3
Abrahams Reserve Brunswick East 2
Allard Park Brunswick East 3
Balfe Park Brunswick East 3
Fisher Reserve Brunswick East 3
Phillips Reserve Brunswick East 4
Roberts Reserve Brunswick East 3
Sumner Park Brunswick East 3
Banno Park Brunswick West 3
Braddy Reserve Brunswick West 4
Craig and Seeley Park Brunswick West 3
Denzil Don Reserve Brunswick West 3
Dunstan Reserve Brunswick West 2
F.W Oliver Reserve Brunswick West 4
Frazer Reserve Brunswick West 3
Heller Street Park Brunswick West 3
Hudson Reserve Brunswick West 3
Johns Reserve Brunswick West 2
Morris Reserve Brunswick West 3
Wylie Reserve Brunswick West 3
Anderson Reserve Coburg 3
Beau Monde Reserve Coburg 4
Bowden Reserve Coburg 4
Brosnan Park Coburg 2
Budds Street Playground Coburg 4
Calder Reserve Coburg 3
Cameron Street Reserve Coburg 2
Campbell Reserve Coburg 3
Coburg Station Reserve Coburg 3
Cox Reserve Coburg 2
Doug Hull Adventure Park Coburg 2
Duggan Reserve Coburg 3
Egan Reserve Coburg 4
Gilmour Park Coburg 4
Harmony Park Coburg 2
Hutchison Place Coburg 3
Jackson Reserve Coburg 3
Mailer Reserve Coburg 2
McCleery Reserve Coburg 3
McKay Street Reserve Coburg 3
Robinson Reserve Coburg 2
Soudan Street Playground Coburg 3
Tate Reserve Coburg 4
Willow Grove Reserve Coburg 2
Bain Reserve Coburg North 2
Bridges Reserve Coburg North 2
Cash Reserve Coburg North 4
Coburg Lake Reserve Coburg North 2
Connelly Reserve Coburg North 4
Elizabeth Street Reserve Coburg North 3
Hosken Reserve Coburg North 3
McGregor Dawson Coburg North 2
Parker Reserve Coburg North 3
Richards Reserve Coburg North 4
Sanger Reserve Coburg North 3
Andrew Street Reserve Fawkner 4
Birchwood Crescent Park Fawkner 4
CB Smith Reserve Fawkner 2
Charles Mutton Reserve Fawkner 3
Edward Street Reserve Fawkner 3
Eva Court Reserve Fawkner 3
Hogan Street Park Fawkner 3
Hood Crescent Reserve Fawkner 4
Jack Mutton Reserve Fawkner 3
Jeanie Crescent Reserve Fawkner 3
Middle Street Reserve Fawkner 3
Moomba Park Fawkner 4
Oulton/Beccles Reserve Fawkner 3
Park Place Reserve Fawkner 4
R.K Evans Reserve Fawkner 3
Summer Bank Reserve Fawkner 2
Ottery Reserve Fitzroy North 3
ATC Cook Reserve Glenroy 3
Anselm Grove Reserve Glenroy 3
Becket Street Reserve Glenroy 4
Bill Allan Reserve Glenroy 3
Fairview Recreation Reserve Glenroy 3
Fran Street Park Glenroy 4
Gervase Avenue Reserve Glenroy 3
Glenroy Lions Park Glenroy 3
Glenroy Primary Park Glenroy 3
John Street Reserve Glenroy 3
Kingsford Smith Ulm Reserve Glenroy 4
Laherty Reserve Glenroy 3
Menana Road Reserve Glenroy 3
Mott Reserve Glenroy 2
Naree Naree Park Glenroy 3
Reddish Reserve Glenroy 3
Reserve Court Reserve Glenroy 3
Rupert Wallace Reserve Glenroy 3
Sewell Reserve Glenroy 2
Tony Mommson Reserve Glenroy 3
West Street Reserve Glenroy 4
W J Turner Reserve Glenroy 4
Elms Court Reserve Gowanbrae 4
Gowanbrae Riverwalk Gowanbrae 4
Jacinta Bartlett Reserve Hadfield 2
James Martin Reserve Hadfield 2
Volga Street Reserve Hadfield 3
Bass Street Oak Park Oak Park 4
Bryant Family Reserve Oak Park 3
Chris Court Reserve Oak Park 3
Father Gavin Fitzpatrick Reserve Oak Park 3
G E Clarke Reserve Oak Park 3
J P Fawkner Reserve Oak Park 3
John Vandeloo Reserve Oak Park 3
Oak Park Reserve Oak Park 3
Rayner Reserve Oak Park 3
Stevenson Reserve Oak Park 2
Austin Crescent Reserve Pascoe Vale 4
Cole Reserve Pascoe Vale 2
Esslemont Reserve Pascoe Vale 3
Gavin Park Pascoe Vale 3
H M Dowd Reserve Pascoe Vale 2
Hallam Reserve Pascoe Vale 2
James Reserve Pascoe Vale 3
K.W Joyce Reserve Pascoe Vale 4
Martyn Reserve Pascoe Vale 3
Payne Reserve Pascoe Vale 2
Plumridge Park Pascoe Vale 2
Raeburn Reserve Pascoe Vale 3
Rogers Reserve Pascoe Vale 2
Brearley Reserve Pascoe Vale South 3
Kelvin Thomson Park Pascoe Vale South 3
Mitchell Reserve Pascoe Vale South 3
Morris Reserve Pascoe Vale South 3
Shore Reserve Pascoe Vale South 2
Tate Park Pascoe Vale South 3
Paul Hucking Park Pascoe Vale South 4
Peppercorn Estate Pascoe Vale South 2


How to report damage to park trees, toilets or equipment

To report an urgent issue, such as a fallen or hanging branch which is dangerous, contact Council on 9240 1111 (24 hours).

Report the issue through the Council website or contact Council to report damage in a park, including:

  • dead, diseased or fallen trees
  • damage to seats, tables, barbecues, water fountains and playground equipment
  • dumping of rubbish
  • graffiti
  • used needles and syringes, and
  • toilets facilities not working.


Park upgrades

Council has a program of upgrading parks and playgrounds, which is linked to the plan for all open space in Merri-bek. This plan is detailed in:

Visit park and playground projects for details about upcoming park improvement projects.