Park features
Walking your dog

    For parks which are off-leash you must still keep your dog under control. 

    In all other public places, dogs must be kept in control with a leash, cord or chain. Dogs are prohibited from the area around playgrounds or within creeks.


      See locations of recharge points for electric wheelchairs and scooters.


        See the Council Active Moreland website for leisure centres, pools, sports and activites in Moreland.

        Other activities

        Please look out for signs around Coburg Lake Reserve letting you know which activities are prohibited.

        The Victorian Fisheries Authority provides information about fishing in the Yarra Basin, which includes the Coburg Lake.

        Coburg Lake White Ibis colony

        Over the last few years, Coburg Lake has seen an increase in White Ibis birds. The community have raised concerns about the large number of birds and their impact on park vegetation, other bird species, water quality and the amenity and enjoyment of the park.

        White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) are a native Australian bird protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. The birds play an important role in natural pest management eating small insects, grubs and fish. They usually nest between October and March.

        We are investigating the issues together with Merri Creek Management Committee, the Friends of Merri Creek, Melbourne Water and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. We will provide regular updates to the community as we develop a management plan.

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