Find a drinking fountain

Feeling thirsty? There are more than 80 water drinking fountains (PDF 878Kb) installed across Merri-bek.

These water fountains provide free water in public spaces to sip while you’re passing by.

Most have taps to refill your bottle while you’re out and about. Some fountains also have a dish down low to keep your dog hydrated.

From our local parks, shopping strips and urban spaces, you’re never far away from free water in Merri-bek. And the benefits are plentiful; refilling at one of these hydration stations is good for the environment, good for the hip-pocket and good for your health. 

More water drinking fountains will be installed in future years across our public spaces so stay tuned.

See the full list of the current drinking fountains across the City of Merri-bek with our map. (PDF 878Kb)