Community event signs

Sporting clubs, community groups and organisations that have occasional or one off events can apply to advertise their events at certain sites permitted by Council for a temporary period of time.

Sites where signs are permitted

  • Alex Gillon Oval, 133A Hope Street, Brunswick
  • Allard Park, 174A Donald Street Brunswick East  (north-west corner)
  • Anderson Park, 363C Lygon Street, Brunswick East (south-west corner)
  • Bain Reserve, 2 Merlyn Street, Coburg North (Boundary Road)
  • Campbell Reserve, 11-49 Merri-bek Road, Coburg (south end)
  • CB Smith Reserve 79-97 Jukes Road, Fawkner
  • Charles Mutton Reserve, 86 Lorne Street, Fawkner
  • Clifton Park, 377 Albert Street, Brunswick (south-west corner)
  • Cole Reserve, 177B Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale
  • De Chene Reserve, 193 Urquart Street, Coburg (south-west corner)
  • Fisher Reserve, 259A Glenlyon Road, Fitzroy North (south-west corner)
  • Gilpin Park, 348-374 Albert Street, Brunswick (south-west corner)
  • Hallam Reserve, 144 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Jones Park, 9-23 Albion Street, Brunswick East
  • McDonald Reserve, 66 Bell Street, Coburg (south-west corner)
  • McGregor Dawson Reserve, 999 Sydney Road, Coburg North
  • Oak Park Reserve, 567B Pascoe Vale Road, Oak Park (east side)
  • Parks Street Reserve, Amess Street, Brunswick East
  • Paul Huckin Park, 519 Merri-bek Road, Pascoe Vale South
  • Sewell Reserve, 33-45 Glenroy Road, Glenroy
  • Shore Reserve, 223 Reynard Street, Pascoe Vale South (one sign only)
  • Raeburn Reserve, 8-42 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Raeburn Reserve, 427 Victoria Street, Brunswick West (south-west corner, not to be installed on the fence)
  • Robinson Reserve, 104 Reynard Street, Coburg (not on fence)

Criteria for community event signs

  • Only two signs are allowed at listed parks at one time (one for some smaller parks).
  • Chosen site must be from the list of permitted sites (above).
  • Signage is for community groups only and not for commercial purposes.
  • Sign can only be erected for a three week period.
  • Applications are not accepted earlier than 3 months before the date of the proposed signage installation.
  • Area of the sign is to be no more than 3 square metres.
  • A permit must be received from Council before signage can be erected.
  • Signs are to be removed within one week of the event or removal will be by Council and the cost charged to the requesting organisation or group.

How to apply for a permit

To lodge a request contact Council or send your request to Open Space Administration, Merri-bek City Council, Locked Bag 10, Merri-bek 3058.

The following information is required:

  • Organisation or customer name
  • Contact information - contact phone or email
  • Event description including name, purpose and dates
  • Event signage dates
  • Preferred advertising site (from list of permitted sites above)

At this stage, this is a request only.

What happens after you apply

Your request for community event signage will be assessed by Council Open Space team within 2 business days.

We will contact you if the chosen site or dates are not available and offer an alternative site. 

Approved applications will be issued with a permit. 

See the Council guide to running an event or festival if you are organising an event. This includes the permit process for running an event in a park or open space.