Shopping areas

Major shopping areas

Barkly Square Shopping Centre, BrunswickBarkley Square Shopping Centre

  • Location: Next to Sydney Road, Brunswick, Barkly Street and Weston Street. 4.2 kilometres from GPO. Melway map 29 H9.
  • 40+ specialty stores including Coles, Woolworths and Kmart, a food court and 670 car spaces.
  • Public transport: Tram #19; Upfield Line Train (Jewell Station); Bus routes 504 and 506
  • Parking: Car park in Barkly Square.

Barkly Square Shopping Centre, Brunswick location map

Sydney Road, Brunswick

  • Location: Sydney Road from Brunswick Road to Merri-bek Road, Melway map 29 G9-H4
  • 600+ businesses, including fresh food, clothing, home furnishings, specialty retailers, cafes, restaurants, ethnic produce, banks and financial services, property services, professional services, and health and personal services.
  • Public transport: Jewel station and Anstey Station, on the Upfield line; Tram routes 19 on Sydney Road and 8 down Merri-bek Road; Bus routes 503, 504, 506, 508, 509 and 510.
  • Parking: On-street parking – more than 600 spaces; Off-street parking – several public car parks either side of Sydney Road plus more than 650 spaces at Barkly square complex, with time limits, and car parks in Barkly Square.

Sydney Road, Brunswick shopping areas location map

Lygon Street, Brunswick East

  • Lygon Street Brunswick shopping areaLocation: Lygon Street between Brunswick Road and Albion Street, Melway 29 K5 - K10.
  • 150+ businesses, including cafes and restaurants, fresh food, specialty retailers, convenience shops, home furnishings, discount outlets, property and personal services.
  • Public transport: Tram routes 1 and 8; Bus routes 503 and 508.

Lygon Street North shopping area location map


  • Sydney Road Coburg Shopping CentreLocation: Sydney Road (Sheffield Street to Urquhart Street), Bell Street (Sydney Road to Gilmour Street), and Waterfield Street/Louisa Street, Melway 17 H2.
  • 300+ businesses, including major supermarkets, fresh foods, clothing, banks/finance, property/professional services, health and community services, shopping arcades and Coburg Market, discount outlets, and homemaker products in the gateway areas of Sydney Road north and south and Gaffney Street.
  • Public transport: Coburg train station is on the Upfield train line; Tram route 19; Bus routes 512, 513, 525, 526, 527 and 530.
  • Parking: On-street - more than 200 spaces; Off-street - more than 800 spaces in Waterfield Street/ Louisa Street and Russell Street.

Coburg Shopping Centre location map


  • Glenroy Shopping CentreLocation: West side: Pascoe Vale Road between Anselm Grove and Grandview Street, Post Office Place; East side: Wheatsheaf Road between Glenroy Road and Blucher Street; Melway 16 G2.
  • 170+ businesses, including multiple supermarkets, fresh food, specialty retailers, home furnishings, discount outlets, banks, property services, personal services, government offices.
  • Public transport: Glenroy Station; Bus routes 513, 534, 536, and 542
  • Parking: More than 600 car parking spaces available

Glenroy Shopping Centre location map

Local shopping areas

Grantham Street, Brunswick West

  • Location: Grantham Street between Union Street and Collier Crescent; Melway 17 E9.
  • 40+ businesses, including full-line supermarket, fresh food, specialty retailers, cafes and take-away places, professional and personal services and the Union Square shopping complex.
  • Public transport: Tram route 55; Bus route 506.

Grantham Street shopping area location map

Merlyston, Coburg North

  • Location: West side of Merlynston Station (Merlyn Street and Orvieto Street); Melway 16 G6.
  • 25+ businesses, including convenience shopping, personal services, cafes.
  • Public transport: Merlynston train station on the Upfield Line; Bus routes 531 and 534. 

Merlynston Shopping Centre location map

Bonwick Street, Fawkner

  • Location: Bonwick Street between Jukes Road and Basil Street; Melway 17 H2.
  • 50+ businesses, including supermarket, fresh food, specialty retailers, and cafes.
  • Pubilc transport: Bus routes 530 and 531.

Bonwick Street Shopping Centre location map

West Street, Hadfield

  • Location: West Street between Glenroy Road and Middle Street; Melway map 17 B3.
  • 30+ businesses, including full-line supermarket, fresh food, specialty retail, cafes and take-away places.
  • Public transport: Bus route 534.

West Street Shopping Centre Hadfield location map

Snell Grove, Oak Park

  • Location: Snell Grove between Waterloo Road and Nerissa Grove,  on the east side of Oak Park station; Melway 16 H6.
  • 30+ businesses, incuding convenience shopping and personal services.
  • Public transport: Oak Park station on the Broadmeadows train line; Bus routes 513 and 542.

Snell Grove, Oak Park Shopping Centre location map

Bell Street and Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South

  • Location: At the intersection of Bell Street (near Hatter Street and Sussex Street) and Melville Road; Melway 17 D11.
  • 65+ businesses including a supermarket, speciality retailers, cafes/restaurants, banking, property services, and personal services.
  • Public transport: Tram route 55; Bus routes 513 and 527.

Bell Street and Melville Road intersection, Pascoe Vale South location map