Sports venues

Moreland has two synthetic soccer pitches in Brunswick and Fawkner for casual hire.

The pitches feature fencing and training level floodlighting, providing benefits for students, local teams and social players, to train or play day and night.

The preferrred method of booking is online as outlined below. More information email Recreation Services.

Clifton Park Synthetic Soccer Pitch 

Location: Albert Street, Brunswick. Clifton Park has a pavilion with toilets and change rooms that can be booked (additional fees apply).

Hours of use: Available for booking from 6am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

Fawkner Synthetic Soccer Pitch 

Location: 79-83 Jukes Road, Fawkner.

Note: This facility does not have change facilities or toilets.

Hours of use: Available weekdays 5pm to 9:30pm and weekends 9am to 7pm. During school holidays, the pitch may be available 9am to 9:30pm, Monday to Friday.

To hire a Synthetic Soccer Pitch:

  • Have public liability insurance cover for at least $10 million, applicable until the date and for the duration of the booking.
  • Agree to pay the applicable hiring charge and security bond well in advance of the booking date.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the booking as outlined in the Clifton Park and Fawkner Synthetic Pitch Hire Agreement.doc.
  • Submit a complete booking enquiry at least 14 days prior to allow adequate processing times of the booking application.

Priorty Bookings:

  • Moreland Ciy Council affiliated clubs and schools will have first preference for hire of the Merri-beks Synthetic Soccer pitches
  • All bookings will be based on the pre-season (February to March), the season (April to August) and the off-season (September to January) timeframes.
  • An EOI process will be conducted to Merri-bek clubs and schools for each coming season requirements, whether pre-season, season or the off-season.
  • Once the EOI process is completed available times will be open to non-Moreland clubs and groups. No booking will be accepted outside of these timeframes. 
  • To be considered a “Moreland club” – the club must: be allocated either a seasonal or annual allocation, be allocated a sporting ground within Merri-bek, and be allocated for both training, state and local competition as part of the allocation.
  • Non-MCC sports clubs, schools, private and commercial groups can only hire on a monthly basis (four-week period).

Hire fees:

All fees and charges are detailed in the Clifton Park and Fawkner Synthetic Pitch Hire Agreement document.

How to make an online booking

  1. Create an account with Council's online booking system IMS Reserves Manager
  2. To submit a booking request, please refer to the PDF guide for Casual Bookings: IMS Reserves Manager - Casual Bookings User Guide (PDF 287Kb)
  3. After making a tentative online booking request, you will be emailed an automated acknlowedgment.
  4. Council will then contact you to discuss your booking request. Approval of a casual booking depends on its availability.
  5. The security bond and hire fees must also be paid for before your booking

Inquire via email or phone

  1. The preferrred method of booking is online, or by emailing Recreation Services, or by calling Council on 9240 1111. We'll discuss your booking request with you.
  2. Read and accept the conditions of the hire agreement.
  3. Security bond and hire fees must also be paid for before your booking.

Community events

Please contact the Festivals Officer on 9240 1111 to discuss your event.