Other permits for events

In addition to Merri-bek Council’s Event Permit, you may require several other permits depending on the activities at your event.

Those listed here are the most frequently needed, the activities of your event may require you to obtain others not detailed here.

If you are uncertain that you have all the necessary permits for your event contact Council for further advice.

Parking and traffic management

You must submit a site traffic management plan with your Event Permit application, for example one way traffic flow bumping in or out.

Temporary food permits

Anyone who will be selling any type of food or drink must apply for a temporary or mobile food premise registration at least 3 weeks before the event.

Each vendor must apply separately. For example, if you have 3 food stalls at your event, each food stall vendor must have their own registration.

Apart from submitting the Temporary Food Premises registration, you are also required to attach information from the Food Safety Program and a Gas Safety Checklist.

For more help contact the Festivals Officer on 9240 1111 who will provide support through Council's Environmental Health Department.

Community event signs

A permit is required to erect signage to advertise an event, such as the real estate boards which promote an event in an open space park.

See community event signs for information on sites in Merri-bek where signs may be placed and the application process.

Liquor licensing

If you intend to sell alcohol at your event or serve free alcohol at an event subject to admission fees, you must get a Temporary Liquor License from Liquor Licensing Victoria.

Liquor Licence Victoria require one month’s notice for most events although larger events may take up to two months if Liquor Licence Victoria needs to obtain reports from the Police or Council.

Liquor License fees apply and are charged by LLV. There may be special conditions placed on the ‘Limited License’, e.g. no alcohol may be served in glass. It is permissible for alcohol to be consumed as a social component of the event, but this is limited to personal use. Sponsored giveaways and other such activities may require a Liquor License to be obtained.

Visit Liquor Licence Victoria or phone 1300 65 03 67 for conditions and application forms.

Approval for temporary road occupation

You need a Temporary Road Occupation permit to close any part of a road, laneway or footpath for a special event, including fun runs, bike rides, street parties, festivals, parades, sporting events and church processions.

Moreland City Council and/or VicRoads and Victoria Police must grant approval for a road closure.

To gain Council approval you must ensure that the correct section is filled out on your event form.


If you are running an event, ensure that any contractor you have hired holds a current pyrotechnician license from WorkSafe Victoria and liability insurance cover. The pyrotechnics contractor that you engage is responsible for completing a ‘Notification of Intention to Discharge Fireworks’.

This is a WorkSafe Victoria form and requires that notification is sent to:

  • Victorian WorkCover Authority
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and
  • Merri-bek City Council – Local Laws.

You also need to retain a copy for inspection.

We recommend that the contractor you engage be a member of the Australian Pyrotechnics Association or the Pyrotechnics Industry Association of Australia.

Visit fireworks on Worksafe Victoria for further details.

Broadcasting music

Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) Permits

Entertainers at any event performing songs that are not their own original composition must obtain a permit from APRA prior to the event. Local, Victoria contact details are provided below. An ‘events - online registration’ form is available through the Australian Performing Rights Association.

Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA)
3 - 5 Sanders Place, Richmond 3121
Phone: 9426 5200

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) Licenses

Events which have any protected pre-recorded music or music videos broadcast are required to have a PPCA license or a licence from each relevant individual copyright owner. This license may be required in addition to an APRA license.

For further information about these requirement you can visit Phonographic Performance Company of Australia.

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd
ACN 000 680 704
PO Box Q20, Queen Victoria Building, NSW 1230
Phone: (02) 8569 1100
Fax: (02) 8569 1183
Email Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) Licenses