Volunteers at an event

Many events include invaluable support from volunteers in both the planning and implementation stages.

Recruiting volunteers

When recruiting volunteers it is important to consider the type of event you are organising and who might interested in being involved.

TAFE and university event management students are often interested in gaining on-ground event experience.

You can also advertise for volunteers on Artshub and Our Community websites.

You can also contact Council, attention Cultural Event Officer, for advice when recruiting volunteers.

What information should be provided to volunteers?

At a minimum, volunteers should be given clear instructions prior to the event about:

  • The event program and purpose - so volunteers can answer questions and are familiar with the proceedings.
  • Their role at the event - the more detail you provide about what you want volunteers to do, the more they are able to use their own initiative on the day.
  • Occupational health and safety and emergency management procedures - volunteers should not be required to undertake any emergency procedures unless they are appropriately trained and qualified. You should, however, make sure volunteers are informed about what to do in the event of an emergency and who to contact.

Managing volunteers at an event

Volunteers are often be the face of an event and dealing directly with the public. It is an event organiser's responsibility to make sure volunteers are well informed and happy so that they can communicate the right messages and information to the public at the event.

It is also important that volunteers know who to contact if they have a problem or a question.

Volunteering Victoria has more information about managing volunteers.

Value your volunteers

Volunteers should receive appreciation and thanks for their efforts, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback.

If possible, volunteers should be provided with food and drinks during an event and included in any post-event celebrations.