Notifying residents

Respecting your neighbours

As an organiser of an event, it is courteous to advise the residents in the surrounding area that an event will be taking place. 

It is particularly important to do this if the event is likely to have an impact on the normal activities of local residents.

Letter to residents

Once Council has received your Event Permit application form, we will assess whether a notifying letter to residents is a requirement of the event production. We will discuss this with you beforehand and you will be expected to consider this as part of your event planning.

Keep in mind that this letter is also a great opportunity to invite these residents to attend or participate in your event.

We recommend that the letter be distributed to all homes within 500 metres of the site, depending on the location of the event.

To help you in advising your neighbours we have created an example letter template below which you may like to use.

Please email or post Council a copy of the letter, attention Arts and Culture Unit, for review before you send it to residents.

If there is to be a road closure as part of your event you must seek written support from at least 75 per cent of the affected residents or businesses.

Letter template

Example Letter


Dear Resident,

This letter is to advise you that (event name) will be held on (event date) at (location).  The event will commence at (time) and conclude at approximately (time).

There will be a variety of entertainment and attractions at the event including (include all entertainment/attractions/food).  We are expecting approximately (number) residents to attend.

(List any issues that may effect surrounding residents including noise, an increase in vehicular traffic around the area, fireworks and what time etc)

(Also list how any of these issues have been addressed e.g. extra parking provisions and parking attendance around the location of the event).

If your home is to be affected by road closures, a member of the organising party will visit you to seek your support of the event.

If you would like any further information about this event, please contact me on (phone number, address and email address) or the Festivals Officer at Merri-bek City Council on 9240 1111.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come along and participate in what should be a most enjoyable and exciting event for the residents of Merri-bek.

Kind regards

(Your name)