Noise at an event

Events often create noise levels in parks and reserves much higher than normal due to music amplifiers, generators and crowds.

It is important to minimise disruption to local and surrounding residents and businesses by monitoring the level of noise created by the event.

Times restrictions for event operations

In line with Environmental Protection Authority legislation, events can only be held between 12 pm and 11 pm, except where the event duration is longer than 5 hours (consecutive). In these cases, the event can only be held between 12 pm and 10 pm.

Sound levels

Sound levels must not exceed 65dB(A).

Your sound technician should be advised of this and regularly monitor sounds levels.

Where you think noise may exceed these levels, your event permit may specify that noise levels are detailed in advance and that an independent Acoustic Engineer will be permitted to monitor levels on the day of the event.

Visit Environmental Protection Authority for further information.