Public liability insurance

Every event must have appropriate public liability insurance to ensure the organising committees and their members are financially protected against loss should an incident occur.

A Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance of at least $10 million must be submitted to Merri-bek City Council along with your event permit application. 

Evidence of your cover

Approval of your event will not start until Council receives evidence of your cover.

The Certificate of Currency must outline:

  • the name of the Insurer
  • the limit of the indemnity - at least $10 million. If rides or amusements are part of your event program a minimum of $20 million indemnity is required, and
  • currency of the policy at the time of the event.

The policy must indicate that Merri-bek City Council is noted as an Interested Party (Principal Indemnity Endorsement), and that the Business Activity shown on the Certificate of Currency must be appropriate for the organiser’s function, such as organising and running a community festival.

If the event organisers have received permission from Council to engage a ride and amusement contractor, the contractor must also provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance of not less than $20 million to Merri-bek City Council.

Community insurance

More information on public liability for community groups can be found by visiting Community Insurance or by contacting Community Insurance on 1300 853 800.

Remember: unless you have Public Liability Insurance, you cannot run an event in the Merri-bek municipality.