First aid

First aid resources are essential to your event production. First aid personnel and facilities must be easily identified by patrons and adequately equipped. 

First aid stations and personnel: what's needed

The number of first aid posts/stations required depends on the size of the event. 

First Aid personnel should be trained to a Level 2 competency as a minimum.  It is also recommended that portable first aid kits be available for use by the trained personnel.

The table below can be used as a general guide as to the number of first aid personnel and first aid stations required. 

Note: Numbers may also depend on several other factors, including the nature of the event, the site layout, the presence of alcohol, amusement rides etc.

Number of patrons First aid personnel First aid posts

Up to 500



500 to 1000



1000 to 2000



2000 to 5000



5000 to 10000

6 - 10


10,000 and over

10 +

2 +

As well as St John Ambulance and The Red Cross there are several commericial operators providing first aid services to events. It is necessary to employ an organisation when you are unable to provide the first aid resources from within your own planning group. Commercial operators may be sourced through telephone directories or the internet.

First aid organisations