Do you require an event permit?

Before you start planning your event, you need to find out if you require an event permit from Council. There is a fee for an event permit.

All events requiring a permit must submit an application form at least 2 months before the event date. We currently cannot accept applications outside of this timeframe.

You can also contact us to check the availability of your intended site. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee site availability as our parks and gardens are open spaces utilised by the community. See a list of key parks used for larger events in Merri-bek.

Complete the self-assessment for your event

Completing the following self-assessment helps determine if you need an event permit from Council.

A permit will be required if your event has or requires:

  • 100 people or more
  • the purchase of a ticket
  • on-site vehicle access
  • on-site infrastructure, e.g., marquees (weighted), temporary stages
  • amusement rides, inflatables or animal farms
  • access to on-site power
  • access to on-site water
  • playing of amplified music or sound
  • priority access to an area of a park or reserve, or
  • closure of a street or road adjacent to the park or reserve

Further information about what is and isn't permitted in our open spaces can be found here.

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above:

  1. You need to complete the Community Event Permit Application Form (DOC 10Mb). For ticketed events, please complete the Ticketed Event Permit Application Form (DOC 10Mb). (DOC 5Mb) All events requiring a permit must submit an application form at least 2 months before the event date. We reserve the right to reject applications that do not meet this timeframe.
  2. Council will issue an event permit once all permit requirements have been met by the event organiser. Refer to the Council events guide.

Due to COVID-19, in addition to our Event Permit Application, the Victorian State Government now requires all events to apply for registration through the Department of Health and Human Services. Please note that your registration will need to be supplied in addition to the required event documentation for your Event Permit Application to be successful. For further information visit their website.

Please contact the Festivals Officer on 9240 1111 for further assistance and information.