Siteworks is a former primary school in the heart of Brunswick owned by Council, now open for community and creative uses.

Siteworks is managed as a temporary community and creative facility by These Are The Projects We Do Together, who are contracted by Council to manage the site.

The site contains a public open space, a heritage house, the former school and a stables building.

Blak Dot Gallery operate from the stables building, and the rest of the site is available for short-term and long-term bookings, workshops and events and as co-working and meeting spaces.


33 Saxon Street, Brunswick

Flexible spaces

Siteworks hosts facilities which are available for hourly, daily and weekly bookings between 9 am - 9 pm Monday to Sunday.

The facilities are suitable for training, education and skill-sharing, symposiums and exhibitions, performance development and community events.

Siteworks welcomes a diversity of programs and initiatives, big and small, experimental and mainstream, diverse and inclusive.

Book a space

Blak Dot Gallery

Blak Dot Gallery is a contemporary Indigenous-run art gallery and performance space showcasing modern and traditional artworks from world Indigenous cultures. The annual program connects many people and cultures to the gallery and the Brunswick area.

See Blak Dot Gallery to stay informed about programs, exhibitions and other events.

Transport and access

Public transport and bicycle access:

  • Coburg North 19 tram runs along Sydney Road, get off at stop 21.
  • Jewell train station on the Upfield line.
  • Exit the Upfield bike path at Dawson Street. There is bicycle parking at the venue.

Siteworks is a wheelchair accessible venue.

Watch this update from Siteworks

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