On a small brick wall a green frog (growling grass frog) is painted in photo-realist style

The 2020 RenuWall mural program has been completed.

RenuWall is Merri-bek’s program to beautify our public spaces, to engage our arts community in meaningful public artwork and address graffiti hotspots in Merri-bek. After many delays due to the rolling effects of COVID-19 restrictions the first round of RenuWall murals has now been completed.

The murals range from the small, subtle beauty of Dvate’s series of native fauna at 129 Harding St, Coburg on the Merri Creek trail (above), to the colossal, 44m long graphic work of Ness Flett at Barkly St Park (below).

Two gigantic regent honey-eater birds on a sky blue background, with eucalypt leaves and black lines

Mike Makatron’s landmark wall at 260 Sydney Rd, Brunswick (Below) helps further cement this area as an arts and design hub.

An imaginary image of Sydney road with buildings and a tram overgrown with vegetation. In the foreground an eastern grey kangaroo bounds down the road.

Texta Queen’s stunning work at the end of Manallack Street, Brunswick (below) is a poetic provocation about the transformation of the landscape but on a surface level it can be enjoyed just for its celebration of colour and design.

painted on a brick wall and roller door, brightly coloured native vegetation forms strong patterns, framed by the limbs of old eucalypt trees.

IMAGES: Growling Grass Frog (Dvate), Regent Honey Eaters (Ness Flett), Sydney Rd, Brunswick (Mike Maka), unsettling portal / from the future to the past / void of nostalgia (Texta Queen)


Proposals for the 2021 RenuWall program have now closed.

The five new murals are due to be completed by end of June 2021.
The selected mural artists will be announced here soon.