Counihan Gallery Strategic Plan

Counihan Gallery Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

The Counihan Gallery Strategic Plan guides Merri-bek’s municipal gallery in developing and achieving improved community outcomes through its annual exhibition program, public and education programs and through the administration of the Merri-bek Art Collection.

Over the next five years the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick aims to realise its vision and mission through the achievement of the following five pillars being Representation, Advocacy, Inclusion, Sustainability and Education (RAISE). These pillars encapsulate all areas of the gallery’s business operations and commitments for the next five years. They are designed to RAISE the profile and reach of the gallery, RAISE the business operations and systems of the gallery, RAISE the gallery’s relevance in the contemporary art landscape and within the community, and RAISE the benefits we offer the community we serve. While Collectively, these pillars will also increase visitation to the gallery.

1. Representation – The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick will encourage intercultural participation by artists and cultural groups from diverse backgrounds in programming, publicity and exhibitions; and continue to celebrate and ensure that the stories of the Traditional Owners continue to be told and promoted.

2. Advocacy – The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick will promote and reinforce positive social and cultural change; and continue to advocate on behalf of artists, and for the importance of arts to the broader community.

3. Inclusion – The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick will work to actively remove physical and social barriers, and/or the perception of barriers; and continue efforts to ensure that gender, age, sexual orientation, different ability and income are not barriers to arts practice or participation.

4. Sustainability – The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick will invest resources and attention toward operational, environmental and economic sustainability in order to maintain Council’s investment in visual arts for the community and drive future change.

5Education – The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick will support and provide artists with professional development opportunities in line with best practice standards and cultivate the arts through a range of learning and participation opportunities for the local community.


Read the full strategy document here:

Arts and Culture - Counihan Gallery in Brunswick Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025.doc (DOC 4Mb)

Arts and Culture - Counihan Gallery in Brunswick Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025.pdf (PDF 2Mb)