The Merri-bek Summer Show 2020: Solitude & Solace

The Merri-bek Summer Show 2020: Solitude & Solace

The Merri-bek Summer Show 2020 can now be viewed online in the Counihan Virtual Gallery.

The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick is pleased to announce the 4th Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award as part of the annual Merri-bek Summer Show. The award recognises an outstanding contemporary artwork by a Merri-bek artist. This year’s exhibition theme is Solitude & Solace.

With the genius and hard work of local VR Gallery Designer Josef Goding of Goding Projects, we are proud to bring you the opportunity to view the Moreland Summer Show 2020: Solitude & Solace in the Counihan Virtual Gallery.

The 2020 prize is a tailored Professional Development Package to the value of $3000 sponsored by the Merri-bek City Council.

In addition, we are delighted to present a People’s Choice Award of $1000. You can cast your vote for your favourite artist here. Voting closes on Saturday 12 December.

A Peers’ Choice Award to the value of $250 is sponsored by local independent bookstore Brunswick Bound.

The following artists have contributed to the Merri-bek Summer Show 2020:
Adrian Fernandez, Amaya Iturri, Andrea Meacham, Andrew Weatherill, Angela Hughes, Anna Kiparis, Anna Steele, Ashley Russell, Aylsa McHugh, Ayman Kaake, Bel Pringle, Benjamin Sheppard, Cathy Yarwood-Mahy, Charlotte Watson, Chelle Destefano, Chloe Tizzard, Claire Sadler-Jones, Clive Dickson, David McCall, David Van Royen, Deb K Williams, Dianna Wells, En En See, Erin Cox, Flora Georgiou, Gina Ropiha, Glenyys Romanes, Hayoung Jessica You, Heinz Boeck, Janine McGinness, Jarmila Hava, Jean Taylor, Jenneke Dudley-Bateman, Jennifer Bartholomew, Joy Barrett, Jude Worters, Julia Raath, Julian Di Martino, Julie Vinci, Laila Marie Costa, Lana Daubermann, Larissa MacFarlane, Linda Studena, Lisa Buckland, Logan Mucha, Lucy Beattie Hughes, Lyndon Sendeckyj, Madeleine Beatty, Magda Cebokli, Manda Lane, Margaret Bishop, Marina Perkovich, Mary Rogers, Matt Bottos, Melanie Lazarow, Michael Fikaris, Miguel Villanueva, Mitchel Brannan, Nada Poljski, Nicola Vance, Olivia Chin, Pamela Kleemann-Passi, Penelope Le Petit, Peter Hannaford, Rebecca Willcox, Robert Waghorn, Rosina Gannon, Ruby Ellam, Safak Gurboga, Sandra Drummond, Sandra Tobias, Sarah Anthony, Shanrah Austin, Sofia Chapman, Stephanie Karavasilis, Sue Beyer, Sylvie Leber, Tamara Russell, Valentina Palonen, Vanessa Law

IMAGE: Noel Counihan. Demonstrator, 1978. 23.4 x 12.6 cm. Image reproduced and modified with permission from the Counihan Estate


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