The Second Homecoming

The Second Homecoming

A series of dreamlike images from artist Elif Sezen.

The Second Homecoming showcases Elif Sezen's explorations of cave openings and doors along with her digital projection The City of Pierrots. In the cave openings, Sezen attempts to reconceptualise the notion of homecoming by giving us glimpses of beautiful landscapes which are encouraged to look at as if from inside a cave.

The concept of accessibility is ironically challenged here. The 'Door' series represents an elusive notion of a gateway, where everything is possible and homecoming can be dreamt into reality.

Sezen not only explores the perception of an outsider to a new place, but also takes into consideration refugees, the Indigenous peoples and other displaced. However, the work could refer far more broadly, physically and spiritually.

Image: Elif Sezen. Cave opening 9 2018. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 76 x 76 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


Counihan Gallery
Merri-bek City Council
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