The installation includes works on paper, video and audio.

Backdrop is a series of ‘internal’ landscape studies presented as an installation of works on paper and video. Backdrop investigates the ways that conceptions of landscape are informed by emotions, desires and cultural conditioning.

Working with the outer world to reveal the inner, artists Laura Delaney, Alanna Lorenzon and Lisa Stewart invert the tradition of Western landscape painting to study the shared space between the mind and natural world.

Across their works, the artists reflect upon the objectification of the natural world and respond from their personal points of separation/connection to the landscapes that have shaped them.

Featured artists:

  • Laura Delaney
  • Alanna Lorenzon
  • Lisa Stewart

Image: Lisa Stewart. Shifting Point, 2019, Video still from HD video. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist


Counihan Gallery
Merri-bek City Council
Phone: 9389 8622

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