Picturesque | Saffron Newey exhibition

This exhibition examines the idea of representation in the Internet era


Exhibition Friday 6 May – Sunday 29 May

Opening: Thursday 5 May, 6 - 8 pm

This exhibition examines the idea of representation in the Internet era. It reconsiders art history, the digital copy and the fractured state of the figurative tradition. Comprising paintings, video projections and an artist’s book the works source, reference and misquote (via the Internet) the works of historical Melbourne and international artists.
In Picturesque the artist examines the new online context in which historical artworks are presented and discovered and the way in which inconsistencies between digital reproductions create doubts about an authentic and original art object. Using google search functions as both source and go between the artist creates artworks as new mashed up identities – a digital ‘sublime’.

Counihan Gallery 2016_Saffron Newey Versions of now S Newey

Image right:
Saffron Newey
Versions of Now 2015
Oil on canvas
35cm x 54cm

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