Indisposed | Cassandra Tytler Exhibition

Indisposed uses humour and pathos as tools to draw out ideas of self-representation.

Exhibition Friday 7 October - Sunday 30 October

Opening: Thursday 6 October, 6 - 8 pm

Our relationship with screen culture has dramatically changed. Much of our daily interaction with others, our community and culture is mediated through screens. Increasingly, the way we relate to other bodies is via technological devices. These interactions and representations frame our world-view, inform our self-perception and social constructions.

Indisposed is a mixed media installation that teases out these notions of the body. Through performance, Tytler enacts a character wrestling with what her body means to her and to others through her own representation of it televisually. She uses performativity, humour and pathos as tools to draw out ideas of self-representation, body hatred, body perfection, and how screen personas are an articulation of who we are and atonement for what we are not.

Counihan Gallery 2016 Cassandra Tytler Masked Rash




Cassandra Tytler
Masked (rash) 2015
Digital Video, 5 minute loop
Courtesy the artist



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