An Apprehension of Mortality | Bruce Dickson exhibition

An Apprehension of Mortality contemplates a fragile mortality.

Exhibition Friday 22 July - Sunday 14 August

Opening: Thursday 21 July, 6 - 8 pm

Informed by an existential understanding of the world, Bruce Dickson proposes that making artwork can provide a space where individual meaning may be approached through consciousness of mortality.

Through the presentation of delicately constructed works and projected video pieces, An Apprehension of Mortality contemplates a fragile mortality.

Evoking a sense of duration, change and return, repetition, and anticipation - Dickson’s video projections respond to his constructions - an abstraction designed to enhance our sense of moment-to-moment awareness, and to reflect our longing for resolution of questions posed by consciousness of mortality.

Bruce Dickson Triptych 2015

Bruce Dickson
Triptych 2015
Video-still - construct of paper and dowel
HD video: 1920x1080
Courtesy the artist. 


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