2013 exhibition program

The Miracles | Deborah Kelly

25 January to 17 February 2013
Opening: Thursday 24 January, 6 pm

The Miracles opens up thinking about what constitutes a family today, while also considering issues surrounding gender, sexuality and faith. Each image depicts the family of a child conceived through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), ranging from IVF treatments to DIY home ingenuity. Posed as though created for a Renaissance era tondo, each portrait is based on a Renaissance period Holy Family painting of disputed provenance or authenticity. Kelly describes the work as ‘at once an argument and a prayer’ for broader acceptance of family, parenting and kinship structures.


Deborah Kelly After unverified Raphael 2012

Image right
Deborah Kelly
After unverified Raphael (from ‘The Miracles’ series) 2012
Pigment ink print on Hahnemühle and antique frame
Dimensions variable
Image courtesy the artist and Gallery Barry Keldoulis



Drawn Out | Magda Cebokli

25 January to 17 February 2013
Opening: Thursday 24 January, 6 pm

Magda Cebokli is concerned with issues of abstraction in art and its relationship to abstraction in other disciplines. A recurring interest is the link between seeing and thinking, and the construction of meaning through the process of vision. ‘Corner Suite’ is a new series of small and compact drawings based on the compositional structure of four squares. Exhibited alongside a new series of paintings, ‘Drawn Out’ is an exquisitely crafted contemplation on constraint and creation, and the relationship between the two.

Magda Cebokli Corner Suite Variation 18


Image right
Magda Cebokli
Corner Suite: Variation #18 2012
Acrylic on Saunders paper
76 x 56cm



Sound and Vision

Sarah Duyshart | Emma Lashmar | Ross Manning
Curated by Lauren Simmonds

1 March to 31 March 2013
Opening: Thursday 28 February, 6 pm

Sound and Vision explores the diverse field of contemporary sound sculpture by three emerging artists. Coinciding with the Brunswick Music Festival, the exhibition features immersive installations as well as optical works that explore the effects of light, movement and sound. A range of materials including glass, spices and paper feature in a stimulating sensory experience that consider the connections between sound and vision. Accompanying the exhibition is a public program featuring performance, workshops and sound walks in the neighbourhood.

Sarah Duyshart The Lure of Echo 2009


Image right
Sarah Duyshart
The Lure of Echo 2009
Flour, ash, metal
Installation view, Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne
Photograph: Robert Banks



Michelle Hamer | I Send Mixed Messages

12 April to 5 May 2013
Opening: Thursday 11 April, 6 pm

Michelle Hamer is interested in the use of language in the urban environment–from graffiti and advertising to commercial signage– and the way words convey meaning. This new series of tapestries is based on photographs taken in the USA during the early days of the Global Financial Crisis. The works reference signage, slogans and phrases that connect with cultural, social and financial changes in the USA today, using language’s facility to capture the shifting nature of meaning and information.

Michelle Hamer Know your Enemy 2013


Image right
Michelle Hamer
Know Your Enemy 2013
Mixed yarn on perforated plastic
53 x 81cm



Phuong Ngo | My Dad The People Smuggler

12 April to 5 May 2013
Opening: Thursday 11 April, 6 pm

Working with documentary and staged photography, Ngo’s practice studies the disjunction between war as an historical event and its impact on individual histories. This exhibition documents the very personal consequences of his family’s past and their experience on the island of Pulau Bidong, a United Nations refugee camp established at the end of the Vietnam War in 1979. Through the integration of family photographs and collected objects, Ngo seamlessly mixes the personal with the political and the actual with the imagined, in a way that highlights the interdependency of these relationships.

Phuong Ngo Viewing Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp from a resort 2012

Image right
Phuong Ngo
Viewing Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp from a resort 2012
Inkjet print, ed. 1 of 6
20 x 34cm


Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention

Alison Alder | Bindi Cole | Fiona Foley | Dan Jones | Vernon Ah Kee | Sally M. Mulda | Chips Mackinolty | Fiona MacDonald | Amy Napurulla | Brendan Penzer | Therese Ritchie | Deborah Vaughan | Jason Wing

Curated by Jo Holder and Djon Mundine OAM

17 May to 16 June 2013
Opening: Thursday 16 May, 6 pm

Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention is about the removal of citizen rights by the Federal government’s ‘intervention’, (2007 - 2012) in the Northern Territory, seen through the practices of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous artists. Using a range of media, the artists look at the return to protectionist policy and the diminishing of an Indigenous participatory voice: the loss of citizenship rights, of the right to homelands and self-determination.

Chips Mackinolty National Emergency 2007



Image right
Chips Mackinolty
National Emergency Next 1,347,525km 2007
Digital print
49.5 x 49.5cm



Reflecting Surfaces | Elwyn Murray

28 June to 21 July 2013
Opening: Thursday 27 June, 6 pm

Elwyn Murray explores aspects of attraction, intimacy and identity through the central motif of the human body. Using mirrors, artificial light and etching techniques, his works consider the ways that we shape, and are shaped by, our physical form.

Elwyn Murray Greta 2012


Image right
Elwyn Murray
Greta (the inward self) 2012
Etching on mirror and fluorescent light
40.6 x 50.8cm



My River

Luke Beesley | Craig Burgess | Kate Hill | Eugene Luke Howard | Sarah Moore | Anna Topalidou | Nicholas Umek

Curated by Anna Topalidou

28 June to 21 July 2013
Opening: Thursday 27 June, 6 pm

Rivers capture an important space in our imagination as well as being vital to our ecosystems. They designate political and economic boundaries and are places for reflection and recreation. As such, rivers are not only spaces of contemplation but are contested spaces and spaces of contradiction. My River is a group project by seven emerging artists working across a range of media.

Nicholas Umek Slime Pit 2010


Image right
Nicholas Umek
Slime Pit 2010
Pigment inkjet print
110 x 92cm



Play Money

Peter Atkins | Sadie Chandler | Andrew Hurle | Patrick Pound | Elvis Richardson | Ronnie van Hout

Curated by Jane O’neill

2 August to 25 August 2013
Opening: Thursday 1 August, 6 pm

Play Money examines the anxiety surrounding the acquisition of real estate in Australia. The exhibition playfully combines a range of installation, works on paper and sculpture by six established artists who share an interest in Pop Art. Using toys, games, currency and building materials, Play Money raises questions about urbanism, growth and home ownership.

Ronnie Van Hout Timing that flawed 2009


Image right
Ronnie Van Hout
Timing that flawed 2009
Painted resin
3 pieces: 100 x 37 x 46 cm
Courtesy the artist and KalimanRawlins



In the Public Interest

Noel Counihan | Khadim Ali | Wendy Black | Penny Byrne | Nick Devlin | Anastasia Klose | Emily Floyd | William Kelly I Peter Lyssiotis | Ben McKeown | George Matoulas | Reko Rennie | Theo Strasser | TextaQueen | Liz Walker

Curated by Leon Van de Graaff and Victor Griss

6 September to 6 October 2013
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 6 pm

In the Public Interest celebrates activism, public protest and free speech in the practice of Australian artists, comprising artworks from the City of Merri-bek Art Collection, exhibition partners and invited artists and coincides with the centenary of the Gallery’s namesake Noel Counihan, an artist and political activist committed to free speech and social justice.Image from War or Peace : Twelve linocuts  Noel Counihan, Jack Lindsay (Gryphon Books 1979)



Image right
From War or Peace : Twelve linocuts, Noel Counihan & Jack Lindsay (Gryphon Books 1979).
Courtesy of The Baillieu Library and © the Estate




Sarah Edwards | Jennifer Lade | Fleur Summers

18 October to 10 November 2013
Opening: Thursday 17 October, 6 pm

An artist’s canvas or ground is receptive–a site for receiving material inscription. Similarly, the ground we populate in our everyday lives is marked and mapped by our actions and is a receptacle for the objects of our transactions. Fleur Summers, Jennifer Lade and Sarah Edwards respond to the form, geology and social inscription of the sub/urban ground as a contemporary canvas.

Sarah Edwards Finders Keepers 2010


Image right
Sarah Edwards
Finders Keepers 2010
Found objects, pins, archival support
21 x 30cm




Helga Groves | Annabel Nowlan | Mia Salsjo | Bill Sampson

18 October to 10 November 2013
Opening: Thursday 17 October 2013, 6 pm

The mathematical term co-variance is a measure of how random variables change when grouped together. Four established artists with distinctive approaches to their art practice and an artistic process in common, create new works in painting, animation and sculpture for an exhibition that emphasises the random nature of the outcome.

B Sampson-The impossibilty of balance



Image right
Bill Sampson
The impossibility of balance 2012
Synthetic polymer on paper
101 x 101cm




Moreland Summer Show | Current Tendencies

Counihan Gallery Merri-bek Summer Show logo webKarryn Argus | Paul Batt | Fergus Binns | Wendy Black | Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown | Carmen Caruana | JuYuen Chew | Elizabeth Cleland | Amy Devereux | Julian Di Martino | Adam Douglas | Chris Evans | Liz Francis | Peter Hannaford | Kim Henenberg | Grant Hill | Bea Jones | Rachel Joy |Stephanie Karavasilis | Penelope Le Petit | Carmel Louise | Priscilla Manthey | David McCall | Mel Miller | Leslie Morgan | Elwyn Murray | Keith O'Donnell |Vladimir Rachko | Jackie Ralph | Caesar Sario | Benjamin Sheppard | Josh Simpson | Fern Smith | Karen Standke | Paul van Katwijk | Robert Waghorn | Gillian Warden | Charlotte Watson | Anna White | Mark Wingrave

22 November to 14 December 2013

The Counihan Gallery in Brunswick is pleased to present the annual Merri-bek Summer Show featuring artists who live, work, study or base their creative practice in the City of Merri-bek and have responded to a designated theme. This year 40 exhibitors have responded to the theme of ‘Current Tendencies’ presenting new work and exploring the concept in their contemporary practice.