Melbourne Fringe Microgrants

Melbourne Fringe Microgrants

We offered a number of microgrants to cover registration fees for selected Melbourne Fringe artists living or presenting their Melbourne Fringe Festival show in 2020.

About Melbourne Fringe

Through arts participation, Melbourne Fringe sparks artistic, cultural and personal discovery for Melbourne and its citizens.

We celebrate cultural democracy: the idea of art for everyone and our work explores the intersection between art and citizenship – the right for anyone to contribute to the cultural life of their city as creators and producers of artworks. We promote alternative viewpoints and celebrate those at the margins: the young, the queer, the disabled, the culturally diverse, the bravest artists exploring the boldest ideas.

By finding ideas at the edge of our culture and drawing them into a central focus, our work explores the peripheral, the new and the not-yet-widely understood aspects of cultural expression.

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